12 Best Holiday eCommerce Sales Tips for Higher ROI

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12 Best Holiday eCommerce Sales Tips for Higher ROI

Sales | Oct 26, 2022

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The holiday season is right around the corner, which means Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, oh my! Whatever the winter holiday, though there are many differences in how you might approach marketing them, there are also tons of similarities as well. Below are some of our fave tips to boost your eCommerce sales over the holidays this year.

Ways to Boost Holiday Sales

There are many ways you can experiment to help increase holiday sales this season, but only a handful are tried-and-true.

Erm… Have Big Sales!

Yes, this is a big duh, but some brands run their highest sales during the holidays. So much so, that many people will wait the whole year for holiday sales to arrive for their favorite products. So, whether it's winter holidays, Turkey Day, or Halloween, make the most of every occasion and offer your deepest discounts to draw in those holiday shopping warriors. 

Also, keep in mind that sales can be on some of your best-selling products or on products relevant to the holiday. However you do it, just make sure you go all out on advertising to make sure nobody misses them. 

Offer Additional Discounts

In addition to sales, you can use added discounts to boost eCommerce sales for the holidays. Gift cards and vouchers that can be redeemed and used even after the holidays are excellent options, along with gift card bonus offers. Prezos Grille and Bar does the gift card bonus offer well by giving customers an extra $25 for every $100 they spend, for example!

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Mobile users account for more than half of eCommerce sales in recent years. That means every brand should update and prepare their website for mobile phone usage to ensure they don’t lose any customers.

Offer Free and/or Fast Shipping

No matter how expensive the product is, it’s always the shipping fee that bothers the shopper. For a higher ROI this holiday season, provide free shipping to your customers. You can add a minimum amount to qualify them for the extra savings on their purchase price. You can also offer fast shipping to attract customers who are there for some last-minute shopping. William Roam is one company that uses a qualifying price point to receive free shipping. This helps encourage browsers to add an extra item or two to their shopping cart!

shopping cart

Follow Up with Your Current and Previous Customers

You can do this with email marketing if you’ve been diligent about capturing your client’s email addresses and using good software that helps you sift and segment your customers based on data and behavior. You can email them about abandoned carts, additional products related to what they’ve bought, and even items that are back in stock.

Incorporate Influencer Marketing

Marketing strategies these days may well be incomplete without influencer marketing. To increase brand exposure and reach, consider incorporating partnerships into your holiday marketing strategy and pairing up with local micro-influencers.

Personalize the Shopping Experience

A website that is too busy or poorly designed can quickly lead to overwhelming your visitors. Design your website to give people a customized and personalized experience. Show them what they want to see along with related product suggestions. You can also personalize your copy as well, using words like “You” and “We” to build camaraderie and connection.

Don’t Neglect Great Customer Service

Preparing for the holiday season can be hectic and chaotic for a lot of people. Last-minute returns, wrong orders, and other similar issues are common. Providing great customer service is not only helpful, but it’s also what will keep your customers coming back for more.

Incorporate Holiday Themes

This might be a no-brainer, but make sure you use holiday themes in your branding and advertising materials. You can customize and create a special landing page or pop-ups for your website that reference the holiday and any current sales and discounts.

a woman doing winter gitf shopping

Offer Gift Wrapping Options

Providing a gift wrap service is a nice touch that can make lives easier for a lot of customers. Brands that offer this service for the holidays may well see a nice boost in their eCommerce sales. Just don’t forget to advertise it! John’s Crazy Socks does this as part of their mission to spread happiness through socks and even handwrites the gift notes that go along with the gift. 

Sell Without Selling on Social Media

Make the most of social media platforms by prompting user-generated content related to your products or services and allowing your social following to do the work for you. In other words, sell without selling!

Don’t Forget Post-Holiday Deals 

While this may seem counter-productive, it’s actually not. Once the main holidays are out of the way, offer sales and discounts marketed as post-holiday deals. Keep that sales ball rolling and your eCommerce business will thrive well into the new year!

Still, Stumped? We have a gift for you!

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