Five Holiday eCommerce Selling Tips

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Five Holiday eCommerce Selling Tips

Trends | Dec 06, 2021

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Do you want higher conversion rates this holiday season? Sure, you do! Because the holidays present major selling opportunities, be sure to capitalize on this season. Let us teach you how to boost your sales using these five proven holiday eCommerce selling tips.

Five Holiday eCommerce Selling Tips

These five holiday eCommerce selling tips will help you skyrocket conversions and expand your customer pool this year. Use them to create the perfect holiday marketing campaign.


1. Ensure Your Site Runs Smoothly

Improving your site navigability and speed is crucial during the holiday season. Customers do not want to search for twenty minutes to find the products they desire, and they’re unlikely to wait for even an entire minute for your site to load. Make sure your site is running as smoothly as possible this holiday season to boost conversion. Some things you want to check for are broken links and images with unnecessarily large file sizes.


2. Allow Multiple Payment Methods

Another important step to boost conversion is ensuring your business accepts multiple payment methods. Accepting PayPal and card payments is a good start, but there are a lot more payment options available now, like Apple Pay and Venmo. The more payment options you offer, the less friction customers feel at checkout.


3. Offer Bundles

Offering bundles is another great way to boost conversion. Value packages will catch customers’ eyes during the holiday season. Everyone loves a good deal, and this is especially true during Thanksgiving and Christmas when people are spending more money than usual.


4. Test Communication Methods

You should always test out new communication methods during the holiday season as well. What worked last year may not work this year. Maybe emailing worked wonders for 2020, but your customers now might respond better to social media advertisements. Check out the data you’ve collected on your consumers and make sure your marketing campaigns take the best communication method into account.


5. Offer Free Returns

Free returns are another method you can use to boost conversions. While offering something for free may seem counterintuitive to improving your revenue, it is important to reduce customer uncertainty and friction as much as possible during the holiday season. The last thing you want is to lose a customer over something as simple as nervousness about return policies.

Final Thoughts on Holiday eCommerce Selling Tips

We hope these holiday eCommerce selling tips can help boost conversions this holiday season. Remember, eCommerce is incredibly competitive during the holidays, so you want to create a well-thought-out and sustainable strategy to ensure you make the most of this busy time. If you need help with your holiday marketing campaigns, reach out to USA Link System today.

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