3 Data-Driven Strategies to Boost Digital Marketing Campaigns

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3 Data-Driven Strategies to Boost Digital Marketing Campaigns

Industry | May 12, 2020

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We are professionals in the realm of digital marketing. And similar to other agencies, we often meet clients or potential partners that either:

  • Know what they want and need. They know the ins and outs of their brand. They seek our professional assistance to ask us to turn their ideas into reality.
  • Have zero clue about their brand’s online marketing strategy. They’re seeking creative help and guidance to improve online visibility.

Both instances, for the knowledgeable and the novice, it will be easy to blame the agency if strategies are ineffective simply because they are the ones who created and put the plans into play.

These problems stem from both brands looking for a creative idea to spark their brands’ online success instantly. But their expectations fall flat because they’re approaching their dilemmas, although differently, from an incorrect viewpoint.

Creativity is great. Creativity is amazing.

But sometimes strategy is more important than creativity.

What is the purpose? Who is your target audience? Where did this idea stem from? Why are creating this campaign? Where did you get statistics? How did you gather your information?

There’s one that can answer all these questions: data.
Nobody wants lackluster campaigns. To avoid a situation like this, brands need a strategy that’s backed up by data.

We use data to drive your brand’s story. This is what we tell our clients.

When creating campaigns for our clients, we blend data with storytelling. The data, the facts, and the figures help us define the strategy to take on any of our creative projects.

Data shows 87% of online sales happen on desktops, but 62% use their mobile devices to search for products. What does this tell us?

As a brand, you want to be present for your consumers at all times, on multiple devices, and, perhaps, on all platforms.

team creating data-driven strategies

Here are 3 data-driven strategies to help brands spice up their digital marketing.

Using demographic data for planning campaigns

Contextualize campaigns based on a target audience. What we mean by this is when you’re trying to sell new products to your demographic, you must know where your audience is coming from.

Sometimes knowing consumer behavior is not enough. Sometimes you need to know your consumers’ environment, household income, and spending habits.  

Luckily, there are amazing tools for small businesses to help define their target audience through data-driven strategies. Make Google Analytics your best friend! Google Analytics helps turn all your educated guesses into real facts that will define your target audience. Other aspects it helps you define are the interests or your target audience and further breakdown of your demographics.

Once you’ve completed this process, you can create well-segmented campaigns based on zip codes and demographics in which you can tailor your content.

happy person pumping fist

Using trends from one marketing tool to inform a different campaign

One of the most complicated aspects of marketing is testing. Sometimes, it could simply take a while to find the perfect formula for matching the right platform for a campaign or the right content to boost your click-through rate.

One important thing we’ve learned over the years is to not start a new campaign with an empty canvas.

It’s a well-known strategy of using one’s PPC data to guide a successful SEO campaign. It ensures you’re creating quality web content. To do this, you need to gather your PPC data to locate your high-performing landing pages. What’s the best tool to use? Yes, it’s still Google Analytics.

It allows you to compare and measure keywords and landing pages with your CTRs. Once you know where your site shows up, you’ll need to analyze the data to implement a stronger SEO strategy.

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Measure the impact of industry changes

Back in 2018, Google AdWords removed the right-side ads and a lot of people panicked thinking their ads are going to be affected by this change.  

Assess the impact of the change, instead of panicking. Data shows that 85.4% of desktop paid click are on top ads and only 14.6% for bottom and side ads combined. This data gives you a better idea when it comes to the decision-making process for your next strategy.

Keep calm! Data is not your enemy. Data or statistics don’t lie. Rather it helps brands come up with better, more creative digital marketing strategies because the stories or campaigns you’re about to create are based on hard facts.

Explore past and current trends, dig deep into the analytics, and be strategically creative.

Need help planning a campaign, improving your digital marketing, boosting your online presence, and working on your data-driven strategies? We can help! Send us a message, and let’s talk.

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