4 Actionable Tips for Engaging Content Strategies

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4 Actionable Tips for Engaging Content Strategies

Social | Feb 18, 2020

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Content marketing is in great shape. It’s projected to grow and do amazing things for big businesses and start-ups by 2021. Content marketing offers eye-opening opportunities because of its effective ways of boosting brand awareness and converting leads into sales.

To get ahead over your competitors, it’s time you focus on creating effective content marketing strategies.

We’ve collected a list of the most effective tips to get your content marketing in tip-top shape.

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Engage Your Audience with Interactive Content

These days increasing web traffic isn’t quite enough when it comes to engaging consumers. You need to boost your online engagement to develop consumer loyalty. We’ve seen these engaging contents in one form or another. From BuzzFeed quizzes to Instagram polls, people gravitate to content that is interactive. These kinds of engagement encourage consumers to interact with your brand.

A great example of this is the NBA on TNT’s Instagram account. They create Stories that include quizzes and polls related to upcoming games. It provides an opportunity to get your audience hooked and wanting more content.

Write Compelling Headlines

A headline is the first thing that readers or consumers interact with when it comes to your brand. Having a compelling headline increases your target audience’s motivation to click your link, watch your video, or read your blog.

Here’s how you can create attractive headlines. The first step is to know your audience. Your headline needs to be tailored to what they are looking for. Keep in mind the following tips while writing your headlines:

  • Get to know your audience.
  • Include numbers or statistics.
  • Add attractive adjectives.
  • Use Call-to-Action words.
  • Address the pain points of your customers.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Frame your headline like a question to arouse people’s curiosity.

Pick Multiple Distribution Channels

The best way to boost your visibility is to have multiple channels. Depending on your needs, you can focus on your social media, email marketing, or paid advertising.

When it comes to daily social engagement, social media is a great way to reach out to your audience. It’s important to know which social media platform to use. Find out where your audience spends their time and be active on it. If your consumers are on Instagram, it would be beneficial to your brand to engage.

You can also take advantage of email marketing, especially if you have new products or announcements to share with your audience. Studies show that around 93%of B2B use emails to share their content and promotions. Email marketing also generates new leads that help your brand grow.

Finally, there is paid advertising. These ads go on social media which appear on potential consumers based on previous interaction with your brand.

Make More Videos

54% of consumers would rather watch videos than look at other promotional content. Videos also leave a more lasting impression on users than any other form of branded content. Videos don’t always only have to be ads, they can be user-generated videos, like consumer testimonials or Instagram Live Videos to engage your followers.

What’s your favorite content marketing strategy? Tell us your views in the comment section below.

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