5 Totes Adorbs Pet Accounts on the Gram

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5 Totes Adorbs Pet Accounts on the Gram

Culture | Feb 20, 2020

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The dawn of the internet has spawned a flat world filled with cute, furry critters.

Whether they’re your BFFs or a resident of the wild, social media is home to many accounts that document the lives of animals. From @ourplanetdaily’s escapades around the globe to @buddyboowaggytails’ domesticated funventures, there’s never a dull moment on the interwebs.

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Thanks to Instagram, it’s so easy to find the funniest and cutest animal photos, memes, gifs, and videos. While there’re thousands of animal-centric accounts to choose from on the Gram, we’ve narrowed down a list of five pet accounts that aren’t only totes adorbs but also have a jaw-dropping number of Instagram followers.

Doug the Pug

Yes, the rhyming name makes it easy for Insta users to remember his name. But Doug the Pug is known to have more than just a fun name and his 3.9 million followers will all agree when we say he is hilarious, witty, and a pop culture king. From hanging out with Shakira to the #DollyPartonChallenge, Doug makes sure his Instagram feed is hella fun and interesting that guarantees a double-tap from his followers.

Grumpy Cat

She’s aloof, awkward, and, definitely, grumpy. She may not look like your typical bubbly Instagram star, but Grumpy Cat makes it work. She creates irresistibly ameowzing posts. Her looks and piercing eyes have made the Arizona-born and bred feline a star in all 50 states. Her Instagram is littered with the cutest, grumpiest pics and merch you’ll ever see. Now with 2.7 million followers, can Grumpy Cat finally smile?

Pumpkin the Raccoon

You read that right, a raccoon. Can raccoons be a domesticated pet? Apparently, it’s possible. Pumpkin is a rescued Bahamian raccoon who loves to chill with her doggo friends, Toffee and Oreo. Her more than 1.7 million followers are treated to cute images of Pumpkin enjoying her French pressed coffee, a full pan of pizza, or a freshly cracked coconut. But don’t let her mischievous looks fool you, Pumpkin advocates for World Central Kitchen, a non-profit that raises money to feed those in need around the world.

Lionel the Hog

The spikiest, but also the sweetest critter you’ll ever see. Just look at that naturally smiling face. It’s so precious! Not as popular as Doug the Pug or Grumpy Cat, Lionel still pulls through with all the likes and the social media attention. These days, when he tags along with Anna, his hooman parent, many people recognize him as THE Lionel the Hog. He probably has more followers than you and I combined.

Juniper the Fox

Here’s another wild idea. A North American red fox as a house pet. These days it seems as if owning a pet Labrador is too basic that you need a red fox to complete your life. Juniper and her sibling Fig are both raised in captivity. So, think twice before attempting to domesticate a wild fox. For now, just enjoy their charming furry faces as snapped by their parents.

Some of the famous pet accounts like Doug the Pug, Grumpy Cat, and Juniper the Fox are all business-savvy. These animals are entrepreneurs who have cashed in on pawesome branded merch. So, if you’re searching for your inspiration, remember that we live in a wild world and that life is wild. The world of social media has cracked open a world for us to start profiting off our passions.

Aren’t they all cute? In honor of #NationalLoveYourPetDay, get to know Platon, our Chief Office Pet.

What’s your favorite pet account on the Gram? Drop us a message in the comment section.

No, you don’t need to be a cute animal to be Insta famous. But you need help strategizing your brand’s social media to get all the traffic you need to boost your visibility. Let’s talk!

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