4 Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Profile for Your Business

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4 Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Profile for Your Business

Trends | Oct 05, 2020

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You’ve set up your Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for your business. Now, you’re ready to get social!

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But in your quest to find creative ways to engage your target audience, you stumble upon LinkedIn, a social networking site for professionals and businesses.

You ask yourself if your company should also have a LinkedIn profile.

With over 170M users in the US, the short answer is… yes, you need an account on the leading professional social networking site.

Here are key benefits for businesses with a LinkedIn account.

Get seen on top of search engines

A profile equipped with the relevant keywords will raise brand awareness. Digital marketing thrives off search engine optimization strategies. When you use the best SEO practices, your profile’s content will get you on top of LinkedIn’s search results pages.

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This also gets your name on topmost of Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Build up your brand’s integrity

A well-constructed LinkedIn profile not only is good for SEO but also builds on your credibility. An account that produces and creates high-quality content, images, and videos. This sets up your brand as an authority in your industry. People will look up to you for professional advice and opinion on all things related to your industry.

Social proof of your business

LinkedIn users can get a better understanding of your business. They get a scope of the work you do, your specialties, and the products or services you’ve launched. You establish your credibility when users react to or leave comments on your posts.

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Great source of passive marketing

Even if you won’t use your LinkedIn account as much as Facebook or Instagram, being on the platform is a fantastic source of passive marketing. Just make sure all information such as phone number, website, email, or office address is up to date.

Recruit the best staff members

Besides connecting with other like-minded professionals, business accounts can post job openings for all users to see. Applicants have an “easy apply” option through the website, or they can click a link that redirects them to your website.

Start or join LinkedIn groups

Being in groups on social media is a wonderful strategy.

On the one hand, you have your demographic in a single virtual space, making it really easy for brands to share company or product updates.

On the other hand, you can take part in professional discussions, in which you can learn new things to apply to your company. It’s also a tool where you can showcase your expertise to the other members of the group.

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As bonus information, here are three industries that benefit most from owning a LinkedIn account.

Business Services

Insurance companies, real estate agencies, and the likes are among the top industries that benefit from maintaining an active LinkedIn profile. The connections they build and the networks they create are like a virtual Rolodex.

Information Technology

Among the first people to sign up for a LinkedIn account are people in the IT world. People in the tech world benefit the most because they can use the social networking site’s Advanced People Search to maximize their network building.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising sales teams also reap the benefit of the hyper-social world of LinkedIn. There’s no need for cold calling when you’re on LinkedIn. Marketing firms can assess a potential client by simply browsing through their profile. Sales teams no longer walk in empty-handed.

Are you overwhelmed with all these social media stuff that’s supposed to help grow your business? You don’t have to worry about this. We’re here to assist with all of your social media marketing needs.

We’ll improve or develop your social platforms and maximize them to generate more leads to boost your profits and brand awareness. We’ll design paid ads, organic content, and other strategies that engage your demographic.

Send us a message. Let’s talk.

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