6 Essential Tips to Create Content Your Audience Will Share

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6 Essential Tips to Create Content Your Audience Will Share

Industry | Sep 30, 2020

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Creating relatable content can be tricky, but definitely not impossible. Many brands, businesses, and influencers have done succeeded. You can too!

Digital marketing is leading the way when it comes to helping businesses grow.

This development and growth highly depend on its content.

There are lots of content on the internet telling us how to properly create content.

This creates a big confusion with honest businesses that want to engage their audiences.

But the main question many of us want to know is how we create content that people would want to share with their network.

Person creating a checklist

So, we’ve created a shortlist of simple, effective tips that will get people to copy and paste your post and share it with their friends and colleagues.

Some of these tips may sound redundant, but we assure you the best way to improve content creation is through the reiteration of the simplest, most important tips to engage your demographic.

Know your demographic

Don’t bother with content if you don’t know your audience. It’s like going to a shooting range with an empty magazine. This may involve your entire marketing team and not just your copywriters or content creators.

No matter how good your content is, if no one is paying attention, it won’t generate the clicks you think it deserves. Just look at the tabloids where content is mostly average, but it gets shared a million times over.

It’s not because they create life-changing articles, but because they know their demographic.

Here are pointers for you to know who your target audience is.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is their age?
  • Where do they live?
  • Why do they go online?
  • What’s their favorite pastime?
  • Who do they follow on social media?
  • What are their pain points?
  • How do they access the internet?

Create engaging headlines

Hook them with catchy headlines, but be cautious of sound like a click-bait article. Nobody wants to read click-bait articles. Create a headline that’s engaging but truthful to your content.

Here are some expert tips from our content specialists.

  • Write with a voice they can relate to
  • Include numbers in your headlines
  • Pose a question to trigger intrigue
  • Be yourself and show why you’re unique

Find your voice

There’s so much content to digest on the internet. It’s hard to distinguish which brand is which. Set yourself up for success by finding your brand’s voice.

Young boy speaking loudly into microphone

Be original. Not in terms of topics because whatever topic you’re thinking of right now, it either has been written or in the process of getting published. But be original with your style, the way you deliver your message or offer new perspectives.

It’s the quality, not the length

For the most part, writing shorter content, especially for social media, is the better option in terms of engagement. But this shouldn’t deter you from creating longer content. Rather than focusing on length, pay attention to quality.

People love to share high-quality content they can relate to, whether if it’s long or short.

  • Is it well-researched?
  • Will it provide readers new information?
  • Is it going to bring a smile to their faces?
  • Are you also providing high-quality videos or images?

Always know what’s trending

Pay close attention to what’s happening in your industry or your demographic. Always stay in the loop and know what’s trending. It helps you stay relevant to your target audience.

Two women holding mobile devices

It helps you come up with new ideas for content. But when you engage your audience with what’s trending now, share it instantly, not 2 weeks after. Doing so shows you’re not paying attention to what’s happening outside of your shop or office.

Knowing all the latest trends and incorporating it into your content is a fantastic way to dazzle your readers and subscribers.

Video content get the clicks

Catch your audience’s attention by creating more video content. It’s easily digestible and more memorable. From creating how-to videos, GIFs, or infographics, people find video more relatable. Just look at the success of social media apps like Snapchat, Vine, or TikTok.

Film crew looking at camera while filming

Create content people will share

Writing content people would love to share takes a lot of hard work. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes trial and error, but once you hit the right tone, you’re an instant hit!

Here are some tips to start you on the right track.

  • Feature header and subheadings to distinguish topics and sections.
  • Write shorter paragraphs. You’re not writing an essay for your English class.
  • Use simple words, but don’t be shy adding bigger words here and there. Don’t be too superfluous! (wink)
  • Add images that resonates to the article. It can be an infographic or a very descriptive image.

Exploring new ways to engage your followers or subscribers? Send us a message and let’s create a content plan that your followers will share.

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