4 Enterprise CRM Softwares for Managing Your Customer Data

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4 Enterprise CRM Softwares for Managing Your Customer Data

Sales | Nov 18, 2021

Choosing the best enterprise CRM software for your business is critical for capturing key data and managing your outreach efficiently. Knowledge is power so long as you have a way to harness and leverage it!

Using data your audiences provide and having a clear way to keep it organized helps keep you ahead of the competition and helps customers feel valued when you keep track of preferences and their history with your brand. Many factors like brand size and business structure can help you decide which option is the best enterprise CRM software for you, but here are the top 4 options we found most versatile and helpful for small and medium sized businesses and brands!


4 Enterprise CRM Solutions for Your Customer Data

The core functions of your enterprise CRM platforms should be generating reports, condensing customer information, forecasting sale metrics and creating a centralized communication hub for both internal team members and for prepping customer outreach. Ensure your CRM of choice is user friendly bother for you and your team. While your customers won’t interact with this system, your handling of the information will trickle to customers if you pick one that isn’t serving its essential purpose.

1. Zoho

To get your feet wet with enterprise CRM solutions, you can start trying Zoho for free. Big brands and small businesses alike trust Zoho as their CRM solution because it was built with scaling in mind. The trickiest aspect in picking the right CRM software is ensuring the software generates the reports you need with proper information while also centralizing other inquiries, like tech support, that need addressing. In addition, Zoho offers Google and Microsoft integrations to help keep the interface familiar as you adapt to adding more software as you grow.

2. Hubspot

For enterprise CRM solutions that help boost your marketing while also housing data, Hubspot would be your best bet. As a data and analytics provider to marketers worldwide in addition to your own customer database, Hubspot has extra free plugins to boost leads to continue fueling growth beyond setting up the software. You can build everything you’ll need for a marketing campaign from Hubsport itself: landing pages, ad management, lead generation tools, and forms.

3. Salesforce

Salesforce has made a name for itself thanks to app integrations, insane amounts of customization, and helpful guides and content to get you and your team ramped up into your enterprise CRM software. Starting with a free trial can help you determine if this is the right suite for you. Huge enterprises and small businesses trust Salesforce, but it is important to weigh if the extra apps and elements will be a huge help or a headache as you expand. Consider your industry and needs before getting too enticed by the myriad of options. Ease of use is just as important as the extra apps.

4. NetSuite/Oracle

For enterprise CRM software outfitted for major expansion and many moving parts and departments, a heavy hitter like NetSuite (an offshoot of Oracle) is a great choice. Choosing something like this would have fewer marketing bells and whistles, but departments ranging from accounting to administration can access the info for higher productivity. Think of NetSuite as your all-in-one option for customer care from start to finish.


Which One Will Work For You?

You certainly know your brand best, but when managing information with enterprise CRM solutions, it can be a little daunting figuring out which software suite to trust. Luckily, our experts can find out what specs you’ll need. Feel free to reach out to us today for your free consultation, and let’s see what we can create!

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