Storenvy Sales: 6 Tips for Gaining Traction

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Storenvy Sales: 6 Tips for Gaining Traction

Trends | Nov 21, 2021

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It made pioneering on platforms and gaining traction much easier because you simply didn’t have as much competition. Obviously, that’s no longer true today!

What is Storyenvy?

Storenvy is an online marketplace designed to provide exposure to indie brands, with millions of products listed. If you’re a seller, you should always be looking for ways to gain traction and boost sales on your Storenvy pages.

Top Ways to Gain Traction and Boost Storyenvy Sales

There are several things you can do to boost visibility and profitability on Storyenvy. Sometimes it’s the little things you may think don’t matter that help you most!


Maintain an Active Marketplace Store

Storenvy has a specific way of working––it doesn’t show sellers that don’t have an active marketplace store. Additionally, without an active marketplace store, your business can’t be chosen as Editor’s Pick.

However, having an active store may not be enough. Your store is rewarded by how well it performs. The amount of traffic your page generates, the watchers, sales, and envies connected to your Storenvy marketplace store determine how high in search results you rise and whether you’ll be featured on their social media accounts.

This, in turn, impacts how much publicity and marketing your products and account receive. You can even envy and pin items from other stores to garner more attention to your own custom Storenvy storefront.


Create Good Product Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words is the truth. When you’re selling a product, the attached photo is the first impression a customer will get about your product and brand.

That means keep your picture clear and free of background noise. Remember, your customer can’t touch the product; they can only look.

Moreover, ensure your pictures are well lit and show off all angles and features. Always keep your brand image and aesthetic in mind. The images of your product line should tell the story of your brand.


Don’t Skimp on Product Photos

With product photographs for Storenvy, quantity is just as important as quality. Take loads of pictures! You can add up to 10 photos per post. Shoot all angles of your product and show off what makes it special.


Link Your Accounts

Make sure to link your Storenvy account to your social media sites, including Instagram and Facebook. This is important because Storenvy provides you a platform to sell your products but linking benefits them, too.

It also makes it easier for people to access your products and buy them. When you have a Storenvy account link right on your social page, it’s just a hop, click, and a jump to visit your store and make a purchase.


Tag Your Posts

Hashtags and account tags are such a great way of boosting exposure to your posts and products. When using social media websites like Instagram and Facebook to promote, don’t forget to tag ‘@Storenvy’ and use the hashtag ‘#Storenvy’ on all your posts.

This will link your posts to the official Storenvy account and ensure whenever anyone searches the hashtag #Storenvy, your products will show up.

Optimize Your Captions

Be wise when writing product descriptions and captions for your social media posts. Choose catchy titles and keep it going in the description.

Should Your Brand Be Found on Storyenvy?

Only you can decide what works for your business. However, Storyenvy sales can be a lucrative way to increase exposure to your business and brand while improving profits. If you optimize your storefront and gain traction, only the sky is the limit!

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