4 Seriously Simple Ways to Write Catchy Headlines

4 Seriously Simple Ways to Write Catchy Headlines

Brand | Oct 22, 2019

People are constantly bombarded with email marketing that companies with amazingly honest products or services are so hard to see. Many businesses have been very gimmicky about their marketing strategies that many consumers are tired of seeing and reading email blasts.

The result? People automatically send marketing emails to spam, or worse email addresses get blocked. But how do you, as a brick and mortar business, effectively send emails and reach out to your target audience? Good, relevant content and design are always reliable but start on the headline. It’s the first thing people notice and see.

Headlines are important when reaching out to your audience because it’s the summary of your entire news. The headline should be adequate for readers to understand what your article is all about.

There are 100s of ways to help you write catchy headlines. But as your friendly digital marketing neighbor, we gathered the top 4 ways to create effective headlines.

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Be Younique

Identify what makes your business you, and not like another copy of a typical company. There’s no way your brand will stand out. Give people reasons why you’re not like an ordinary business. Show people and potential clients you have a personality when writing headlines. It catches peoples’ attention.

Avoid clickbait

With the constant rampage of clickbait headlines, readers have finally learned how to say, “Enough is enough.” Clickbait headlines aren’t as big as it was before, because people have caught on to this disastrous strategy. So, here’s a PRO tip: Never oversell, over-promise, and exaggerate on your marketing plans.

Include numbers in headlines

Use numbers because it’s easier and quicker to process. This provides people a clearer idea of what they’re about to read. Whether it’s a simple top 10 list or a percentage, don’t spell it out.

A voice your audience understands

You can say it’s a vernacular, natural, or common language, just make sure it’ll be understood by your audience. Pickup on your audience’s language, jargon, and other trending words. Engage with them on social media to get a first-hand experience on how to interact with your audience.

Overall, make sure that a catchy headline is not just catchy. Headlines should be of value and filled with mindfulness.

What’s your style when writing your headlines?

Need help defining your target audience so you can write catchy, relevant headlines? We can help you with that and then some! Drop us a message here.

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