Yes! You Need a Blog

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Yes! You Need a Blog

Social | Oct 16, 2019

Blogs. Do we still need them? The short answer is yes. Brands still need to blog. While an optimized website is vital to a brand’s marketing strategy, blogging is an inexpensive way to interact with consumers.

For many growing businesses, there is more emphasis on brands developing a better online presence to interact with their consumers. This is where blogging, or microblogging, comes in to help elevate brand awareness while establishing yourself as a leader in your community and industry.

What’s the difference between blogging and microblogging?

For the most part, blogging and microblogging are both parts of a brand’s marketing strategy to push boundaries and to engage customers. But the difference is in the tiny detail. A microblog is a type of blog that typically contains about 140-150 characters. Think Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms.

Bloggers can typically post a blog at their discretion, while a microblog should be constantly updated. Imagine travel bloggers. They constantly post about food, hotel accommodation, and life on the road on Instagram. At the end of the trip, travel bloggers write a longer piece that kind of ties together their social media posts.

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As an emerging brand, blogging, in general, is a big plus to your marketing strategy. Research shows that 81% of companies incorporate blogs into their marketing strategies. At the same time, approximately 75% of the general public would rather read articles under 1,000 words.

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With that said, here are 3 benefits of blogging and microblogging for your brand.


Search engines like Google or Yahoo love new content because of its relevance to its users. Blogging allows brands to boost their searchability because of the consistent publishing of relevant content. This also provides brands to incorporate relevant hashtags and keywords their target audience engages with.


Whether we’re talking about old or new consumers, engaging them is always a top priority. With microblogging, in particular, it helps brands to engage with their social media followers by reacting and replying in the comment section.


When it comes to brand awareness, blogging and microblogging are essential to establishing your name. Brands can develop a clear and consistent message across platforms. On one hand, brands can create a more in-depth, long-form type of content on blogs. On the other hand, brands can interact by writing short and sweet informative posts on their social media platforms.

Need help establishing your brand’s online presence but don’t have enough time and resources to create blogs or social media posts? Let us help you take advantage of the powers of blogging so you can reach out to a wider audience. Shoot us a message.

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