5 CRM Blogs To Follow to Boost Customer Reputation

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5 CRM Blogs To Follow to Boost Customer Reputation

Industry | Jan 15, 2021

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The CRM industry has seen an upsurge of growth and success within the last few years alone.

Simplified, CRM (customer relationship management) is a business strategy designed to boost profits and turnout, lower expenses and expand customer loyalty across the entirety of a company itself.

A CRM system has many benefits, one of the most valuable being its ability to improve a business’s customer reputation. To keep your business alive and well, prioritizing client experience is of the utmost importance. 

By analyzing customer data — including preferences, interests and purchase history — you can modify and alter your brand’s products, services and marketing strategies to improve both customer retention and loyalty

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This not only boosts customer reputation, but also allows for more prioritization of clients while saving time and money simultaneously.

Many businesses are now beginning to adopt the process as they rely on CRM software implemented within mobile and cloud-based devices to run their brands successfully. 

It is now the biggest software market in the world, with revenues expected to reach more than $80 billion by 2025.

Some examples of CRM software include Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Hubspot Sales Hub.

Since CRM is such a dynamic process that encompasses all aspects of a business model and strategy, following blogs that discuss CRM-relevant topics is a great resource to get specific suggestions or cross-reference ideas that can improve your own brand’s process.

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Below, we’ve listed out five of the best CRM blogs to follow if you’re brand new to the software, are seeking ways to improve it or just want to keep up with the latest trends.


CustomerThink is an online community filled with business leaders across the world who all have a similar mission: to create valuable and rewarding enterprises that are customer-focused. From personal customer experiences to ways on how to better engage with clients, this website’s blog forum is a great resource for businesses big and small.


Nimble’s blog posts are a go-to source for businesses in the sales industry. As a CRM software company itself, its topics and content are not only credible, but greatly valuable too since they are written by actual CRM experts. The sales-focused posts are the main highlight of this blog, but businesses in other industries can also find useful information within the forum.


Salesforce categorizes its blog posts in helpful subsections designed for easier search results. The CRM company also utilizes list-making blog content for quicker and more effective readability, constructed for working business leaders who may not have the time to read over an extensive blog post. Salesforce’s blog forum is also a great resource for new CRM users since they upload on a regular basis.

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Insightly is also another CRM software that posts on its blog forum regularly. Its posts are catered more towards users who are already advanced in their research processes. It offers great information and knowledgeable material for both experienced and prospective users since it lays out an impressive picture of the vast possibilities of CRM.


SuperOffice is one of the earliest and well-known cloud-based CRM platforms available on the market. It’s top-notch and trustworthy resources carry well into its blog, as it supplies its users with unbiased and reliable advice and tips on how to be successful with CRM software. The company also posts regularly, with topics ranging from how to build a customer-based marketing strategy to how mental health affects customer relations.

Whether your business is new to CRM or highly accomplished in it, all of these blogs present helpful and dependable guidance and information that can boost your brand’s customer reputation.

Can your business benefit from this software? We can help you create a business strategy that includes the CRM process. Contact us now for more information!

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