5 Ways to Create Authentic Connection with Your Audience

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5 Ways to Create Authentic Connection with Your Audience

Sales | Aug 11, 2020

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Like in real-life situations, online or social media thrives in creating connections. It can be people to people, brand to brand, and user to brand or vice versa.

When “authenticity” is just a buzzword, how can you maintain authentic brand identity in front of your digital followers?

While digitalization of advertising is expanding its reach, people seek brands that have an authentic connection with their audience.

Generate an emotional connection with your audience by crafting content that adds value to their lives. It can new information or something that makes them smile.

Talk to your audience

Find your voice and stick with it. Use this voice when writing content for social media or your blog posts. These channels are your direct, personal connection to engage your audience.

Don’t pander to a crowd of online users.

two people with laptops laughing together while sipping coffee

Think of your online engagement as if you’re speaking with consumers in person. So, when you’re creating your next post, think of your audience. Write as if you’re having a friendly conversation.

Don’t know where to begin? Start by creating your buyer persona.

Provide original insights

Consumers, whether in person or online, love to hear the latest tips or trends. Offer your followers something new or something they can’t find elsewhere.

You’ll notice they’ll be more inclined to listen to what you say and share your information among their circle of friends.

Avoid repeating what other businesses in your industry have posted. Offer a valuable insight that’s uniquely you, and they’ll surely be back for more.

Create genuine partnerships

Whether you’re a digital marketing agency, a non-profit, or a small business, building a community of supporters is crucial to your success.

nationwide connection between brand and audience

And social media is the best platform to cultivate a partnership between your brand and your followers. It can simply be your Instagram feed, or you can create a Facebook group. What matters most is you’re genuinely connecting with your followers and subscribers.

Businesses and consumers find ways to connect and engage with each in this strange situation we’re in. Facebook groups are thriving as many people practice social distancing to protect each other from COVID-19.

This partnership is far beyond advertising and selling goods and services. It’s an authentic engagement between you and your community.

Show some humor

Laughter is the best medicine. It’s also one of the best ways to make your brand and content relatable because we all need a good laugh here and there.

woman covering her face with laughing emoji balloon

For your next blog post, start with “Why did the chicken cross…” Just kidding, but you get the point. Try a pun that’s specific to your business or use a meme. Whatever it may be, think of putting a smile on your readers’ faces.

Be more human

Don’t just talk about work. Don’t only share data and information. Show your followers you care about your community.

illustration of old computer

Share a story about how your staff volunteered at a beach cleanup or helped feed the homeless or how you’re trying to offset your carbon footprints.

Your target audience wants to see your business in action, doing work, and helping others.

Creating an authentic connection with your followers is a rewarding task, not just for your company but for your entire team.

It’s a new digital world out there! Marketing and advertising no longer thrive on big grandiose commercials. Consumers are searching for relatable brands that show authenticity and are actively engaging their community.

Looking for ways to improve your online marketing, we provide straightforward, measurable solutions to create a positive emotional connection with your target audience. Let’s talk. We’re here for you.

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