5 Effective Ways to Gain New Customers

5 Effective Ways to Gain New Customers

Trends | Nov 14, 2019

As a brand, you are well aware that your customers are one of the most important parts of your business. Without them who are you sharing your beautiful creations with? A consistent flow of customers, old and new, to grow your brand.

Finding new ways to grow your client base can be a crazy daunting task but is also a rewarding journey every brand should experience. In a time when consumers are constantly flooded with ads, connecting with new customers can be a major headache.

While not all brands are the same, there are common yet effective ways of promoting your brand to gain new customers.

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Identify Your Clients

The best way to find customers is to identify them. When you’ve pinpointed this out, you’ll be able to figure out where to find your clients. A fun, cool way of doing this is by creating a persona. Read more on how to create your buyer persona here.

Social Media

For many smaller businesses, social media could be the least of all priorities when it comes to companies. But keep in mind, this is the new normal and is the perfect place to find new customers. Social media is practically free advertising. We say “practically free” because brands can buy ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites. Aside from that, creating a social media account and posting on it is free. Join online discussions or start one by following hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Learn more about #Hashtags here.

Pro tip: Listen to what consumers are saying and writing on social media platforms. That’ll provide you with important insights about your products and the people who are using them.

Direct Response Marketing

Another way to reach out to new customers is to encourage them to join your email list. Develop promos or campaigns that your customers value. Be empathetic with your direct response marketing strategy.

Build Your Email List

Get new customers by growing your email list! This is a natural way of growing your contacts. It is how you create a strong relationship with your consumers. Data shows that 96% of consumers visiting a website are not buyers yet. With an email list, you can easily reach out to a larger pool of consumers.

Read our insightful blog on how to grow your email list.

Partnering with Other Brands

Collaborate with other brands to get new customers. This pretty much widens the reach of your products as they will also be seen by your partner’s customers. It’s fun also because you’re working with another creative team on certain projects.

Remember that KFC and DrLupo collab? KFC successfully partnered with DrLupo, an American Twitch streamer, in which the fast-food chain was able to connect with Twitch users aged 18-34 and are 81.5% male.

What strategies work for your brand? Comment below.

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