Whats Your Buyer Persona?

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Whats Your Buyer Persona?

Brand | Apr 01, 2019

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You have consumers who come and go to your store or online to buy their favorite products. It could be a kind of drink, a type of clothing apparel, or it could simply be their favorite bag of chips. Some people will buy in bulk or you’ll see some of them come back daily, maybe weekly, to buy the same thing. In your head, you’re analyzing your consumers' spending pattern – how frequent or what time and when they shop. You’re trying to figure out how to improve your customer retention rate while attracting more clientele and growing your leads.

In a nutshell, your mental calculation is the entrepreneur in you trying to define your buyer persona.

To be clear, a buyer persona is a fictionalized representation of your ideal customer that is based on real data and existing consumers.

Why is Buyer Persona Important?

Having a buyer persona helps you:

  • Have a better understanding of your consumers
  • Provide your customers with better discounts or offers
  • Improve your services or products
  • Plan better marketing strategies geared towards creating long-term clients
  • Develop the trust of your consumers because you have an understanding of the things or beliefs that they value

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How to Create Your Brand’s Buyer Persona?

The essentials of creating a brand persona is being able to identify the who, why, what, and how. You would need in-depth research or study of who is buying what and how they are buying and why.

Here are some key elements to help you create your buyer persona:

  • Demographics – Get to know your target audience! Your data should include their age, marital status, education level, gender, occupation, ethnicity, and annual income. These are just some of the basics.
  • Behavior – It’s important to know your buyers’ tendencies, values, personality, and spending habit.
  • Influence – How and what influences your consumers' decision-making process is crucial as well. You want to know what motivates your target audience, what triggers their buying impulse, or who dictates what they buy. This is where your consumers’ social status, cliques, family, and culture factor in.
  • Goals – What are your consumers trying to achieve when buying. Is it out of necessity? Do they mainly purchase important things, or do they simply enjoy the pleasure of splurging on other non-essential items?

Once you have defined your buyer persona, you’ll have a clearer picture of how you can grow your business, and how you can develop better marketing strategies to engage your target audience.

What’s your buyer persona? Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Need help developing your buyer persona? Contact us and schedule a consultation meeting to discuss your needs and how we can help improve your brand.

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