5 Great UX Guideposts for Killer Web Design

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5 Great UX Guideposts for Killer Web Design

Industry | Apr 17, 2022

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Let’s have a look at how UX is influencing great web design and what artists have to do with it.

Guidepost 1 – Have You Noticed How Visual Musicians Can Be?

Take a look at some current young artists’ record covers to see UX web design examples. For a primarily auditory group of people, there’s a lot of saturated colors, a sense of movement, the frame has great composition, and the artist is telegraphing plenty of vibe and emotion. What you’re picking up on is an active, vibrant life force that’s shining through.


A lot of the marketing that recording artists do engages all the senses, especially in the way their album cover art and promotional posters look. This is the first guidepost for killer web design because good design, especially one that delivers a satisfying user experience, great UX, knows what you like. It’s empathetic. You’re a fan, it knows you, and gives you what you want.

Guidepost 2 – Great UX is Economical

These days, take care when you write your website’s copy. Sometimes, less is more. We are inundated with information and most of us scan quickly instead of read deeply, especially online.


Be aware of how people today absorb information so you can take this into account in the early stages of your website design. What is the most essential information you need to convey? Drop the fluff and stick to the core messaging. Websites with overloaded with information and an overabundance of written copy can feel dated and like you’re trying too hard to convince the reader of your value. Own it in fewer words.


Guidepost 3 – Be Simple

In UI UX Web design, it’s important to not misinterpret the promise of creativity. Yes, be creative, but don’t try to reinvent the way real people prefer to navigate through a website in a frictionless way. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get from one page or section to another and feeling confused about locating something cool you wanted to see again but can’t find.


Guidepost 4 – Mind the Hierarchy

In the UX web design process, the research that goes on behind the scenes informs how a website is structured, what you see first, what is highlighted or emphasized, and how you are subtly led on a storytelling journey from one spot to the next, like a magical trail of breadcrumbs.

Which would you prefer to live inside for a few minutes, an engaging illustrated storybook or the scaffolding at a construction site? Use the power of page hierarchy to lead your visitors to have a great experience that’s warm, entertaining and logical with minimal fuss.


Guidepost 5 – Create an Emotional Connection

If you follow the other four guideposts, creating an emotional connection will most likely emerge naturally. But do keep it in mind. You want your users to be delighted and surprised, and responsive web design UX is designed to deliver just that no matter what size screen you’re on. This is where you get to really drive home your brand promise too. What do you stand for? Deliver it through color, sound, feeling and a super responsive interface.


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