3 Reasons to Run Brand Awareness Campaigns

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3 Reasons to Run Brand Awareness Campaigns

Brand | Apr 12, 2022

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Gaining visibility and awareness for your brand is no easy feat when you’re just starting out. Cutting through all the noise is difficult even for large brands that have the means to do it.

If you’re a smaller business, cutting through the noise can be even more challenging, which is why brand awareness campaigns should always be a key part of your marketing strategy.

What are Brand Awareness Campaigns?

Brand awareness is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a measure of how easily people identify and remember your brand. It’s essentially a way to determine how good or bad your brand marketing strategies are at reaching your target audience.


Brand awareness campaigns play a large role in increasing your audience and boosting brand exposure, which can have a direct effect on the success of your business.

These types of campaigns can be ran on any platform, including social media, print media, social networking events, and even more traditional mediums like TV and billboard ads.

While the long term––and indirect––goal of a brand awareness campaigns is to increase sales and boost business performance; the immediate and short-term goal is to reach as many people as possible.

Once you become a consistent part of the market conversation and develop a trustworthy rapport in your circle, your business will thrive.

However, since brand awareness is abstract and kind of vague, there is no perfect way of measuring it, outside of brand awareness campaign KPIs.

It’s one reason many businesses might be tempted to skip this aspect of marketing altogether. Still, the importance of increasing brand awareness cannot be overstated.

Reasons You Need a Brand Awareness Campaign Strategy

Though there are many reasons you should consider coming up with brand awareness campaign ideas, below are our top 3.


Foster Connection with Your Audience

The first reason to develop a brand awareness campaign strategy is that it allows you to develop a connection with your target audience.

Though an awareness campaign is responsible for bringing in new people, it is also responsible for showing all your present and prospective clients how consistent your brand is.

When your brand consistently performs and comes out with new and improved services and products, all while maintaining a high level of quality, your target audience will come to see you as reliable.
Reliability and relatability helps forge connections based on trust and mutual satisfaction.


Increase Customer Loyalty

Though it’s a given that a well-executed brand awareness campaign should increase your exposure, it can also give your brand an edge above your competitors.

Emotional connections between a brand and its audience, based on repeated interactions that result in trust, are beneficial for your brand in the long-term.


This is because when your brand develops trust with your audience, customers naturally feel a sense of loyalty to your brand.

For better or worse, this even gives a fledgling brand a chance to make mistakes once in a while, without serious repercussions.

This is because loyal customers are likelier to stick with you and try your future products or services without holding a grudge. Plus, loyal customers also help bring in new clientele via word of mouth.


Increase Sales

Finally, a well-executed brand awareness campaign strategy can have a direct effect on your sales. Essentially, this result too, boils down to trust.

A brand that is familiar to people, a brand they feel they can trust and can depend on, will see higher sales than any company or brand that has zero trust or presence in their target market.


Should You Run a Brand Awareness Campaign?

Absolutely! While it’s nice to think ‘if you build it, they will come’, the reality is that if your market doesn’t know you exist, they’re not coming! Brand awareness campaigns can help you overcome this hurdle and get your brand name out into the world.

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