5 Pro Tips to Grow Your Email List

5 Pro Tips to Grow Your Email List

Sales | Nov 05, 2019

One of the most important parts of owning a business is having an active email list. But many businesses find this challenging.

You know your brand provides valuable products or services that the world needs to experience, but you’re having a tough time thinking of ways to grow your email contact list.

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Luckily, we’re here to help you figure this out. In this post, we’ll talk about ways businesses, like you, can find success with email marketing.

Sign-up sheet

An oldie, but a goodie. This is a tried and tested tool. Whether it’s at a tradeshow or a community or corporate event, a sign-up sheet is a simple way to grow your email list. TIP: Make sure people see the benefit of listing their email address. Add 1-2 sentences at the top of your sign-up sheet to show the purpose and the benefit of sharing their email to your business.

Sign-up button

When sending e-newsletters or posting on social media, add a sign-up button that’s accessible to readers. A social media post or newsletter can easily be shared with friends and family. Having a button that encourages readers to sign up is a great plus to your brand.

Sign-up form on the website

This could a simple message towards your website’s footer or a pop-up message. This is a great opportunity to grow your email list because websites are typically a consumer’s initial interaction with a brand.

Current contact list

Have you taken a look at your phone book or contact list? If you haven’t yet, go do so! Friends and family are valuable assets when it comes to spreading the good word about your business.

Offer exclusive access

Provide something of value or interesting in your email marketing. An example of this is when you’re releasing new products. You can promote your sign-up button together with your exclusive offer.

There you have it! Our top five tips to grow your email list. Ready to grow your email list but don’t have the time? We can help! Drop us a message, and let’s connect. There are many other ways to grow and improve your email marketing, and we’re here to boost your game to make sure you have a winning strategy.

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