An Easy Guide to Brainstorming New Campaign Ideas

An Easy Guide to Brainstorming New Campaign Ideas

Industry | Oct 29, 2019

You need fresh ideas for your client’s new campaign. Or you’re creating your next campaign to reel in new clients. Whatever that campaign may be, you need to have a successful marketing strategy. Fresh ideas, however, are as slow as snails crawling. You start to wonder how and where new ideas come from. Can you get crisp, juicy ideas delivered through Postmates? We can sure hope so.

But what you ultimately need is a good brainstorming sesh to refresh the creative process.

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What is brainstorming?

For those starting in the industry or new to this process, brainstorming is the practice of generating ideas by considering every viewpoint. Out of this session or two, you and your team will be able to handpick a winning campaign idea.

Rules of effective brainstorming

  • Be prepared. Get everything you need for the brainstorming session ready!
  • Judgment-free zones. When brainstorming, write every idea down without any bias, good or bad.
  • Encourage free thinking. Let your thoughts flow, free and wild! Allow yourself and your team the space to be imaginative and to think out of the box.
  • Big numbers. Come up with as many ideas as you can. You can combine one idea with another.
  • The more, the merrier. Two heads are better than one. We’ve heard this one before, and it’s true for creative teams.

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Essential brainstorming techniques

  • Pick a comfy spot. Set the perfect creative ambiance. Whether it’s a brunch meeting outside of the office or rearranging your conference room to be more relaxed.
  • Call on your peeps. Assemble your own Justice League. Pick team members you can trust.Set ground rules. You could start with our rules of effective brainstorming, as seen above.
  • Notepads and pens. Give your staff notepads and pens. Let them write, doodle, and jot down ideas as you and your team brainstorm.
  • Remember to laugh. Keep your brainstorming session casual. This can help the creative juice flowing. Sometimes, the best campaigns come from the wackiest ideas.
  • Record your sesh. It doesn’t have to be a fancy recording device. A cellphone would suffice. It’s just to make sure that you don’t miss any important idea.
  • Create a mind map. Mind maps are diagrams linking all ideas relating to a campaign around a central theme.

Creativity takes time and effort and is a lot of work. Don’t get disappointed when you come out empty-handed. Sometimes, it takes a couple of sessions to arrive at the best campaign ideas for you or your clients.

What’s your go-to brainstorming technique for your amazing campaigns? Let’s talk about our success stories.

Now let the fun times begin!

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