5 Social Media Marketing Statistics for Businesses

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5 Social Media Marketing Statistics for Businesses

Social | Apr 28, 2021

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Any marketer knows the importance of social media in B2B, and how critical it is to familiarize themselves with how to adapt to sudden changes and unanticipated occurrences.

In 2020, we saw how businesses using social media had to shift their strategies quickly in order to meet the new demands brought upon by the pandemic and social movements. The percentage of companies using social media skyrocketed to an overall 91%.

With 2021 now here, it’s a good time for businesses to start thinking about how they can improve their marketing strategies by using what they’ve learned in the past year to their advantage.

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By analyzing your social media data from last year, you can determine what your audience wants to see and assess what areas do or do not need improvement.

Here are five must-watch social media marketing statistics for businesses to consider when developing their marketing strategies for 2021.

5 social media marketing statistics for businesses to consider

Businesses must know how to market themselves via the internet. Without use, brands can fail to grow and succeed. Social media usage statistics are important since they give insight into what businesses can do to improve their strategies.

That being said, let’s take a look at the top 5 social media small business stats you can’t overlook.

Social media users like to follow brands

While a lot of customers follow brands’ social media for insight or funny posts, 57% of consumers want to learn more about the products or services that the business is providing.

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Promotion of products is usually seen on a brand’s social feed, so users come in contact with these posts often, leading to more inquisitiveness about the business and what they offer.

With this being the number one reason why users follow brands, there’s never a wrong time to post about a new release.

Poor experiences lead to fewer followers

Customer service needs to be a top priority for businesses. Marketers must provide the same amount of social media engagement that their followers do, as 49% of consumers say that they’ll unfollow brands that provide poor customer experience.

Set aside some time to see where you can improve in your listening and answering of customer inquiries, especially brand responses to questions brought about by followers. Most customers expect businesses to reply within 24 hours after their initial outreach. 

Consumers like to find connections

Building your social media audience is no easy feat. It takes time and effort to develop a strong relationship between your brand and its followers.

With such a competitive market online, it’s important to know how to reach and drive more users to your SM. 

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Social media marketing statistics say that 45% of consumers trust suggestions on their feed to discover new accounts they might be interested in. As you plan your marketing strategy, consider targeting customers that have similar interests relating to the industry that your business is in.

Videos and images engage audiences

The delivery of the content you provide to your audience is as equally as important as the subject matter it discusses. 68% of customers want to engage with images while 50% want to engage with video content.

As you analyze your SM data from last year, highlight which posts received the most engagement and conceptualize how you can recycle and transform them into new visual or video content.

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This small business social media statistic features an important point all brands should think about — multimedia is king.

Time management is critical

If brands don’t set aside time to carefully plan and execute their social media marketing strategy, then desired results will most likely be unmet. 41% of marketers say that they lack the stamina to make a greater impact for their business online.

Working with tools that can help plan and schedule your content is a helpful solution for more time effectiveness.

Want to improve your 2021 marketing strategy? Our team of marketing experts can help design an innovative plan for your business that meets all your goals and requirements. Contact us today!

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