5 Ways Small Businesses Can Protect Their Online Privacy

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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Protect Their Online Privacy

Industry | Jan 21, 2021

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The reliance on the internet has expanded tremendously within the last few decades due to the introduction of the computer and various mobile devices. 

The United States alone is one of the leading counties in the online global market, with over 313 million internet users.

While the power of the internet is significant — as it is a much needed tool that billions rely on daily — there is a looming threat that continues to infiltrate the world wide web: online privacy.

Online privacy affects every person who utilizes the internet for any sort of means.

The risk of hackers finding your personal and confidential information can be greatly increased if proper measures are not taken to protect your data that is secured and stored online.

Not only is this a concern for personal users of the internet, it impacts small businesses often as well.

Small businesses can easily become targets for online hacking due to the amount of information they have on hand and little security to prevent it from being seen or stolen by unwarranted eyes. In fact, nearly 43% of cyber attacks are targeted towards small businesses.

Image of cyber hacker

Below, we’ve listed some ways small business owners can protect their online privacy as the demand for internet-related business continues to grow.

1. Rely on two-factor authentication

One of the most common types of online privacy attacks are password breaches. Most hackers have access to systems that will allow them to crack passwords within a matter of seconds. Nowadays, passwords deemed as “strong” are still not enough to protect yourself. Tools like two-factor authentication exist so an extra level of security is added to login into accounts. It’s simple to use and easy to implement as most platforms provide two-factor authentication nowadays.

2. Let hackers feel the burn with firewalls

Firewalls protect your network in multiple ways. Not only does it prevent data from being stolen from your website, it also blocks emails encrypted with threatening malware to be sent out to your clients. There are both paid and free firewall system tools on the market, so your online privacy can be protected no matter what your budget may look like.

3. Invest in a VPN

A VPN, as known as a virtual private network, will protect data that you decide to share on various public networks. Every time you or an employee is using company data on a public WiFi network (think coffee shops or libraries), that data has the chance to be easily stolen by an outsider.

Image of small business owner with protected devices

When a VPN is set in place though, hackers have a difficult time tracking your connection, thus reducing the risk of your online privacy being breached.

4. Enable AdBlock at all times

While AdBlock is commonly known to hide intrusive and irritating ads on websites, it’s also a great tool to prevent ads encrypted with viruses, ransomware and spyware to pop up and destroy your device. There are multiple AdBlock resources available for free that can be easily added to your browser as an extension. Some popular examples include AdBlock Plus and UBlock Origin.

5. Turn off cookies

Cookies constantly collect data while you browse websites, social media, e-commerce sites, and about any other platform that relies on the internet.

Image of a hacker phishing

The type of information that cookies collect is often unknown, meaning users can be vulnerable to unexpected attacks and breaches at any time. To turn off cookies and protect yourself, simply adjust the settings on your browser to block cookies perpetually. 

Want to take the next steps to protect your business’s online privacy? Our developers can help build your brand website that includes all the protection it needs. Contact us now for more information!

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