TikTok and Shopify: A Match Made for eCommerce Heaven

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TikTok and Shopify: A Match Made for eCommerce Heaven

Industry | Jan 26, 2021

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Remember when Trump signed an executive order to ban TikTok in the US? Our apologies for reminding you of this nightmarish incident. Guess what? TikTok is alive, well, and getting stronger by the day. Also, we have a new administration. 

Yay, us, are we right?

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Regardless of what happened in August 2020 between Trump and the third most popular social media platform, there’s no stopping video-sharing social media app’s growth and popularity.

Last October 2020, TikTok announced their new partnership with Shopify, an eCommerce platform where entrepreneurs can set up online stores. This joint venture between two online giants will make it easier for Shopify merchants to engage TikTokers.

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What this partnership means?

There are over 1 million vendors on Shopify in over 175 countries. On the flip side, the video-sharing app has 1 billion registered users around the world. 

Aside from merchants having the ability to reach the younger audience, they have the potential to boost their sales. For small businesses, they’ll be able to “create, run, and optimize their TikTok marketing campaigns directly from the Shopify dashboard” when they install the “TikTok channel app from the Shopify App Store,” according to Sarah Perez of Tech Crunch.

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Benefits for small businesses using Shopify

Creativity done right

Even brands and small businesses have stories to tell, and they have the power to do that on TikTok. So much so that the social media app empowers its Shopify vendors to create native, shareable ads. TikTok provides built-in tools for merchants to create high-quality content.

Easy to use

Track conversions faster and simpler using TikTok Pixel. Vendors who install the plugin can effectively monitor their conversion rates driven by their TikTok ad campaigns without leaving their Shopify dashboard.

Accessible marketing campaigns

Online sellers can generate campaigns, pinpoint where their target audiences are, and monitor a campaign’s performance in one place.

Receive Ad Credit

Qualified sellers can receive a $300 ad credit for their first TikTok campaign.

This growing partnership is just the beginning of the many more projects these two online giants can offer their millions of users.

We can’t wait to see all the great things TikTok and Shopify will launch.

The eCommerce plugin is now available on the Shopify app store. 

Need help understanding or figuring out the new plugin? Let our pros guide you! Send us a message.

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