6 Tips to Increase Your Organic Search Reach

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6 Tips to Increase Your Organic Search Reach

SEO | Aug 12, 2020

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Last time, we weighed the pros and cons of organic and paid search. The takeaway is that it all depends on your brand’s digital marketing needs.

If you're taking the organic search reach route, today is your lucky day! Because today’s topic is how a business can improve its website’s traffic and online presence organically.

When it comes to increasing your organic search reach, one thing is clear: it looks simple coming from the outside. Like many things, you need to put in work.

But, juicing up your website’s online visibility can be straightforward. To help you, we came up with 6 tips for increasing your brand’s organic search reach.

Your content should be engagingly unique

Disregard algorithms and keywords for one second, and let’s focus on your content.

If there’s one thing that’s absolute in online marketing, it’s that content is and always will be queen and king.

A one-of-a-kind content that includes audio, video, and charming images engage customers and social media followers.

PRO tip: Each social media platform has different sets of audiences. So, when planning your content, make it compellingly unique. Familiarize yourself with various social channels and use each platform to increase your engagement.

Create an eye-candy website

While it seems to be less engaging than social media, websites are still the most critical portion of organically boosting your presence on the Internet.

website of a restaurant

Your website shouldn’t only look pretty in the eyes of potential consumers. Still, it should also catch the attention of Google’s web crawler.

PRO tip: Here are some tips for you!

  • Make sure your website is user-friendly
  • Ensure it is mobile-responsive
  • Make sure your domain name matches the webpage
  • Double check to ensure there’s no duplicate content

Optimize SEO titles

collection of new and used books

They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but you can definitely judge one’s web content through its titles.

When writing titles for your webpages, make sure the most vital keyword is positioned in the front of the title. Your title tag should be relevant to the page’s content and contain 50-60.

This is canon when it comes to search engine optimization and can quickly boost your rank on Google and other search engines.

Use Meta Descriptions

Like cheese is to wine, meta descriptions pair well with your SEO title tags.

html coding of website

There’s no direct correlation between your ranking and your description. Still, it helps you with SEO because it increases your click-through rates.

Your webpage’s description is a 155-character summary of the page it represents. It’s an organic way to grow your reach on search because you’re incorporating keywords into the snippet. Google displays your description in search results for consumers to read.

Post content that weathers the test of time

New data and information come out almost every day. When strategizing your social media posts or blog articles, think of content that sparks intrigue but doesn’t have an expiration date.

evergreen trees beside lake

Flooding your timeline with facts and figures that will be debunked in a week or will have a different result in a blink of an eye is a no-go.

PRO tip: Posts should be optimistic, and if you’re running out of ideas, think of something fun or inspirational. Relevant GIFs, memes, or motivational posts come to mind.

Post your content at the right moment

Be in the right place at the right time.

Your timing is vital to get the optimal organic reach on social media. Despite algorithm updates, posting at optimal times on Instagram is still an excellent strategy to implement.

Here are the best days and times to post on the leading social channels to get the best engagement. *

  • Facebook: Wednesday, 11AM and 1-2PM
  • Instagram: Wednesday, 11AM, and Friday, 10-11AM
  • Twitter: Wednesday and Friday, 9AM
  • LinkedIn: Wednesday, 8-10AM, Thursday, 9AM and 1-2PM, and Friday, 9AM
ULS infographic on best time to post on social media

* Data via Sprout Social

Improving organic search reach can be a little too much for small businesses or startups, especially in these times.

It’s not an impossible task, but it can weigh on one’s shoulders when your company is understaffed or doesn’t have the appropriate digital marketing budget.

With the list of tips we provided, you can kickstart your organic growth today. Reap the benefits of organic reach your brand is looking for.

At ULS, we provide expert advice and service that deliver measurable results you’ll love to see. Hit us up with a message. Let’s chitchat on how we’ll develop a digital advertising strategy that will get you to the top of the search engine results page. Organically, of course.

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