5 Wonder Women Who are Changing the World

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5 Wonder Women Who are Changing the World

Culture | Apr 27, 2020

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Here at ULS, we celebrate women from all walks of life and profession every day.

There’s an abundance of inspirational women in the world of the arts, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Their contributions in their chosen fields can’t simply be overlooked because they helped reshape the way we perceive women’s roles and have paved the way for the next generation of women.

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Yayoi Kusama

You’ve seen her work in magazines, museums, and your friends’ social media posts. Yayoi Kusama is known for her avant-garde art installations and paintings. She’s widely recognized for her “infinity installations,” famously seen at The Broad, which uses large scale mirrors that create infinite neon-colored spaces. 

Fearless, creative, and daring are some adjectives that describe Kusama and her significance in the art world. She challenges societal norms both in Japan and the United States. She uses art as her vessel to show the world her experiences. 

Kathryn Finney

You know when they say not all superheroes wear capes? Kathryn Finney is one of those heroes. 

Finney is one of the most influential entrepreneurs, investors, social media advocates, and writers, in the past decade. And in 2012, she founded digitalundivided, a non-profit startup that connects “data and heart” to create programs that propel economic growth in underrepresented communities. The non-profit provides real-life solutions through networking, coaching, and fund building for Black and Latinx communities.

Alongside her White House Champion of Change, Finney is listed in Marie Claire’s 10 Women to Watch in 2016, Entrepreneurs Magazine’s Woman to Watch in 2016, Ebony Power 100, SXSW Black Innovator Award, and Black Enterprise “40 under 40” list.

Jessica Walsh

If you haven’t heard of Jessica Walsh yet, you will today! Walsh is one of the biggest talents in the realm of graphic design. Interning under Paula Scher at Pentagram and working at Print Magazine honed and perfected Walsh’s style and esthetic. In 2019, she started her own agency &Walsh.

Jessica Walsh’s artistry shines best when design is juxtaposed with strong cultural commentaries on society. Walsh’s “Ladies Wine & Design” is a unique global initiative that encourages women or non-binary in the creative world to collaborate and create rather than compete.

Lynn Jurich

We live in a time where renewable energy is the growing talk of the town. Lynn Jurich is revolutionizing the way we see and hear solar power. As CEO of Sunrun, Jurich’s philosophy is that switching to solar is simple, inexpensive, and the right way to go. Sunrun has now installed more than $3 billion in solar panels across 15 states, to date.

Jurich is Forbes’ Women to Watch in 2015.

Ann Handley

Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, Ann Handley is well-known as one of the great minds and contributors in the field of content marketing. She’s inspired millions of content creators with her Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Everybody Writes.

Handley continues to empower creators with her engaging speaking skills as a professional keynote speaker. She’s also a regular contributor for Entrepreneur magazine and a member of the LinkedIn Influencer program.

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USA Link System is a women-led digital marketing agency spearheaded by Ally Spinu, who’s not only a CEO but also an author and entrepreneur. To read more about Ally and what inspires her, visit atrustblog.com.

Who inspires you?

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