6 Simple Innovative Content Marketing Trends to Inspire You

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6 Simple Innovative Content Marketing Trends to Inspire You

Trends | Apr 21, 2020

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Content is the single most important part of an online business’s success other than design. But these two always go hand-in-hand.

They’re an inseparable tandem like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Year after year, we always hear that creating high-quality content will be the driving force of a brand’s online presence.

The idea of quality over quantity will always be the needle and thread that will bind and unite any content marketing trends.

As a general rule, quality over quantity should be on top of any brand’s marketing strategy. So, pumping out irrelevant, half-baked content is a no-no. When brands post too much, whether it’s relevant or not, followers are overwhelmed. Some tend to unfollow a brand, while others restrict their visibility on their feed.

So, before publishing six consecutive posts in a single day, sit down and ask yourself if the posts are consistent with your brand, is it of good quality, and is it relevant to your followers.

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Now, let’s dive into the six content marketing trends for 2020.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

What is user-generated content? Simply put, UGC is any type of content created and published by a brand’s followers. It’s a post shared by an unpaid contributor who promote a brand. What brands can do is engage their fans by sharing these UGCs on their social media platforms.

Studies show that 85% of consumers find UGC more influential than a brand’s content when it comes to their decision-making.

Take kylieskin for example. Part of their content strategy is to share positive customer reviews or product testimonials on their Instagram stories and posts. It encourages consumers to try products that other people have used and given two thumbs up.

How can you adapt UGC to your brand’s content marketing plan? Don’t be afraid to ask your fans and followers what they like. This is a great way to boost your online engagement and to boost your brand’s personality.

Utilizing Your Content Creations

You think you might have the best creative team in the world. That’s great! But don’t let their talents go to waste by not sharing their work. Figure out which content would work best on what social media platform. It’s your content, so make it work for your brand. Alternate your content and reintroduce it differently so your followers won’t be reading the same content twice or three times.

Video Content Creation

Many experts believe video content is the future of content marketing. Consumers are now choosing video as the leading media to receive information. In a Core DNA research, “Video keeps audiences engaged longer than any other type of content.”

Video content can be live streaming on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever your preferred streaming service is. Your videos can either be a BTS for a campaign you’re working on or a video showing your brand’s culture.


Speaking of content and design working hand-in-hand, visuals are an important trend for content marketing. Visuals are more engaging and dynamic when it comes to sending a message.  And to the younger generation and future consumers video is the most accessible media. Young adults and consumers use social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

To make these platforms work for your brand, plan and create and share stimulating visuals and thought-provoking graphics that catch your audience’s attention. 

Personalized Content

Consumers are tired of bland, generalized content. Give them something to look forward to with personalized content. Your customers want to receive content that is tailored to their needs and interests. Your personalized content is far beyond social media engagement or blogs. This includes your email marketing, newsletters, and understanding your consumers’ location and geography.

Your goal with personalized content is to provide what your subscribers are searching for, not selling what you want them to buy. This is an amazing tool to upsell or cross-sell items that are similar to their needs.

Data-Driven Content

Data don’t lie. When creating content, it’s good to provide your readers with trends and strategies supported by factual data. These days, it’s almost always about the analytics. Numbers and data play a big role in creating content. Get to know who you’re writing for, developing a product for, or designing visuals for. When you know who your audience is and what they like, your content will be 10x more effective and engaging.

Ready to embark on a bold and creative content journey? Let us guide your ship in developing an effective and engaging content marketing strategy to get your name on top of Google search. Our team of creative content strategists will tailor a plan to build up your brand. Message us today!

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