5 Writing Tips for Small Business Owners

5 Writing Tips for Small Business Owners

Social | Aug 14, 2018

A captivating image catches a possible customer’s attention, but the content is what reels them in. Content is important. When it comes to digital marketing, there are so many options to choose from. Creating content for social media and email marketing should not clash.

What it all boils down to is knowing what makes sense and finding the best approach to reach out to your customers, old and new.

Typically, email is best for longer content and social media is great for quick bits of information for brand or product awareness.

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Here are 5 tips to help you write better content for your social media and email campaigns.

Know your audience

Depending on your customers' interests, you’ll find out whether they prefer to see updates about you on social media, through email, or both. Once you know their interests and what form of communication they prefer, then you can effectively tailor your online sales campaigns. You should also pay attention to your audience’s voice and tone. They will respond better to your campaigns when they read and see content that is relatable.


Consumers want efficient transactions. When you pay close attention to your audience’s demographics, past purchases, and needs you gain the power to create more effective marketing strategies that will make transactions faster and easier. Efficient, effective, and convenient transactions increase the chance of repeat visits.

Keep it short and to the point

Whether it’s for social media or email, keeping your content short and concise is always a plus! Maintaining straightforward content filters out unnecessary messages from the most important ones. PRO TIP: After editing your content, read it out loud to make sure the sentences flow naturally.

Be yourself

If you’re trying to build up your brand’s personality, social media is the best place for you. Show your customers that you also know how to have fun. Get creative! Use emojis and hashtags to create a dialogue between you and your followers.

Sharing is caring

As we’ve said earlier, social media and email campaigns can work hand in hand. As a means of promoting your services or products, you can use social media to increase the number of people who receive your weekly or monthly sales. You can also boost your social media followers by adding social links in your email newsletters.

We understand that running a business can be very hectic, and not everyone has the time to write new, original content every single day. As your one-stop digital marketing agency, USA Link System is here to provide you all the necessary assistance when it comes to your content writing. Our creative team of social media experts plans and produces relatable campaigns that your customers would love to share with their circle of friends.

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