6 Essential SEO Trends to Implement in 2021

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6 Essential SEO Trends to Implement in 2021

SEO | Jan 12, 2021

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Like any other businesses out there, we want our websites to rank high on Google’s results pages. And when our sites have a two thumbs up organic reach, you have a more substantial chance of attracting and converting leads than your competition.

To get the SERP ranking you’re looking for, you need to make sure your website follows all the latest SEO tips and techniques. 

Since it’s the new year, we’re bringing you the latest SEO trends for 2021.

Check out our list!

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Create relevant content

This is a reiteration of what we say all year round, and it’s worth mention still. You need to create relevant content that adds value to your target audience. 

If you catch yourself scratching your head, the most important trick is to develop a buyer persona when you’re not 100% sure who your demographic is. 

Google’s algorithm is based on user experience. When you provide relevant and valuable content, site visitors tend to stay longer on your website.  

Unsatisfied visitors are quick to hit the back button and search for another business. You are losing leads, but you’re also increasing your bounce rate, which can mess up your SERP ranking. 

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Strengthen local SEO

There’s no silver lining to going through COVID-19. But during the time of sheltering in place or social isolation, many small businesses understood the value of local SEO. 

With limited travel, there’s a significant shift in finding local shops within one’s community. 

In comes local SEO! In simple terms, this means optimizing your small business’ online presence to attract local searches.

Showing up in local SEO ranking means creating a positive link within the community while attracting other non-local consumers. 

Fine-tune your user experience (UX)

It’s all about satisfying the consumers. that’s why we have the saying, “the customer is always right.” 

This idea also extends to the digital world. Although it’s applied a little differently. 

In digital marketing, the user experience (UX) is about the visitor’s interaction with your website. Your website should be straightforward, accessible, fast-loading, and have intuitive menus. 

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Enriched mobile SEO 

Since most online searches happen on smartphones, Google has prioritized a website’s mobile version over desktop. 

There’s an urgent need for businesses to improve their Mobile SEO to maintain top search results on Google.

By 2025, more than half the people around the world will be using their mobile devices to access the internet, according to the World Advertising Research Center.

Websites that are not mobile optimized lose their Google ranking positions. 

Improve website security

Like relevant content, website security is nothing new. When your page is secured, your site is rewarded and helps boost your ranking.

So, make sure your site includes security features and SSL certificates.

People want to feel safe, especially when it involves their privacy and credit card information. As one of the top SEO trends, boosting your web security should be a priority for companies.

Non-secured sites also lead to an increased bounce rate.

Improve position zero searches

In 2014, Google introduced position zero searches or featured snippets. These are the first links you see on top of your search results.

We’ve all seen position zero. It will be more prominent as 50% of Google searches end without the user clicking on anything. 

Learn more about position zero here.

Getting to know SEO trends and using them to improve your online presence can be challenging, especially when you’re running a small business. 

But that’s where come in for you. We can implement these SEO trends and more. We’re here to assist you and make sure your website is ready for growth and new opportunities. 

Message us today!

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