Best Outbound Lead Generation Strategies In 2021

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Best Outbound Lead Generation Strategies In 2021

Sales | Aug 11, 2021

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Take control of your sales metrics by integrating outbound lead generation into your strategy! But what is outbound lead generation in relation to your industry?

Take a look at the process for generating outbound leads to discover new ways to boost your audience.

Regardless of origin, all sales start as leads. While you can craft plenty of elements of your brand presence to invite your audience to make a purchase, there is still plenty of competition and their SEO strategies that can edge your inbound lead generation out of contention. The best way to combat this onslaught of challenges is the direct approach of looking “out” and pursuing leads. Outbound lead generation sounds complicated, and to some even a little scary. Luckily, here are some of the best strategies to creating outbound leads.


Outbound Lead Generation Strategies to Use in 2021

1. Choose Your CRM Software Wisely

CRM softwares do more than house your marketing data; CRM software makes that data usable to reach out to your audience. By evaluating softwares that meet your needs instead of picking a popular system, you can automate outreach and make sure the connection is consistent and customized. Custom content strengthens your outbound lead strategy because clear intention makes the prospective client feels like you are invested in solving their problem.

2. Send an Email

Emails may seem like an un-original tactic, but when leveraged properly, email marketing is an effective outbound marketing strategy. It turns out email is the best way to reach 51% of consumers, and 49% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Email also reaches 90% of its audience, so while there are billions of emails sent daily, you can still reliably reach customers via email.

3. Personalize Cold Emails

Just because outbound leads are cold doesn’t mean your emails need to be cold! Don’t be afraid to incorporate both data from your CRM regarding target demo, but include the recipient’s name to invite them to open the message, as it builds rapport. In fact, personalizing the subject line of an email increases open rate by 62%! Ensure the content within the email is as compelling as your tactics, and you’re one step closer to a sale with this outbound lead strategy!

4. Step Up Your Social Media

After researching your target demo, visit the social media platform(s) they visit most and connect directly! Outbound leads are all about understanding your target demographic and presenting what your brand has to offer in a way that is relatable and relevant.

A clear plan is critical for this strategy to work, as random posts and DMs will likely have the opposite effect on your audience. However, customers like engaging with brands online, and it humanizes the brand, creating familiarity and a likelihood for more research and interest. Focus your efforts carefully for best results.


5. Host An Event!

Whether virtual or online, creating a common point of reference, like an event, gives license for you to directly invite people without being seen as pushy while also offering an immediate benefit of something to do and discuss. Virtual, in-person, or hybrid options are all available in light of the pandemic, and in fact, you’ll likely get a higher turn out for a digital event since there’s no commute time or prep work before joining in. In addition to offering context, you create value for the consumer which, in turn, builds their trust in other products or services you have.

What’s Next?

Creating the right outbound lead generation strategy for your business can feel like a daunting task since there are so many options. The experts at ULS are dedicated to increasing your brand reach and crafting the best plan for your business. Contact us today for personalized next steps!

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