Create Marketing Strategy Tailored to Women in Digital Era

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Create Marketing Strategy Tailored to Women in Digital Era

Social | Jun 02, 2020

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When it comes to buying power, we’re seeing more and more women in the US gain more control. But when it comes to marketing and advertising, some concepts and practices are no longer relevant in the digital era. Many brands are having a hard time implementing effective strategies.

At the same time, Americans in the digital world demand more out of brands to relate to consumers. Over a quarter of Americans refuse to engage with a brand with content that’s not entertaining or informative.

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With this idea in mind, how can businesses create effective strategies designed to market to the modern woman? Today, we’re here to share simple tips you can follow to tweak the way you market to women in the 21st century.


Create content that directly speaks to your audience. Personalize your content and make it compelling. By compelling we mean smart, witty, funny, and informative. When developing copy, instead of broad statements, write for your niche. Get to know what your audience – what their needs are, what they like, and what sparks their interest.

Some data you need to know based on a NewsCred Insights report.

  • 30% of modern women refuse to read content that’s neither entertaining nor informative.
  • 60% of women will only share thought-provoking and intelligent content.
  • 70% of women will re-share content that they think is funny.


Drop the color pink as your default shade when marketing to women. Pink as a color for girls or women is so 1900s. Using pink doesn’t translate into an instant hit to women anymore.

This 21st century, break the cycle of marketing pink products to women. Remember, you’re selling a product, not a color.


Makeup artists, mommy bloggers, travel Instagrammers, or fashion bloggers, women have a strong influencer presence. 83.9% of ads in 2017 were by female influencers. The trick is finding the right influencer to represent your brand.

Influencer marketing is so effective because female influencers have created trust and credibility traditional marketers are having a hard time establishing.


Facebook is still the leading social media platform, but Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or Snapchat aren’t far behind. Social media is the best platform to reach out to an audience but finding which platform your demographic is on is the key.

81% of female millennials, social media is the place where brands can engage with them.

Find your niche and focus all your energy on that platform but keep other social handles active because consumers should see to all your timelines constantly updated.

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Celebrate women’s diversity. What does this mean? Be inclusive of trans women, the LGBT community, and people of color, and embrace their differences.

Understanding their interests and knowing the proper language to use sets your brand up for a more effective way of communicating with your audience. Have an open mind when branding your products that are geared towards women.


Many choose to buy from brands who they see support causes they believe in. Find a cause or a non-profit that shares the same vision as your brand and demographic to partner with.

Doing this allows women to see your brand exists not just to profit but to make the world a better place.

Pandering to women is a strategy of days gone by. Women are smarter than ever, and they can see from a mile away if an ad is patronizing them. Brands should focus on modern, diverse women, instead of a dated female notion. Dive deep into your niche, understand it, and develop content that engages them.

Need help understanding and getting to know your demographic? We can help your brand create better social media marketing strategies. Let’s talk!

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