11 Simple Ways to Create a Positive Work Culture

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11 Simple Ways to Create a Positive Work Culture

Culture | Jun 04, 2020

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Management trends constantly change, but good, positive leadership that fosters a friendly and diverse work culture never goes out of fashion.

But how does a leader or a CEO create a pleasant and welcoming work environment?

Here are some ways to foster a friendly culture in diverse workplaces.

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Encourage Humor

Laughter is the best medicine. We all need that good ol’ work banter. It makes a stressful workday a little more tolerable. But at the end of the day, it must be remembered that there’s work to be done and a problem that needs a solution.

Promote Respect

Respect should be given to all regardless of one’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and abilities. Each team member has a piece of wisdom that they can contribute to the company's overall improvement. Listen to their voices and respect their opinion.

Zero Tolerance Policy

A big part of positive work culture in a diverse workspace is knowing the company doesn’t tolerate prejudice, discrimination, and predatory behavior. Create a private, anonymous channel where employees can feel safe to report inappropriate work incidents.

Listen & Learn from Employees

Encourage your employees to provide feedback. Make it anonymous so they can feel safer. If they share their pain points, listen and learn from it. Don’t use it against your employees. Hear out their grievances and use it to fix the problem. Tiptoeing around their complaints, or ignoring it altogether, will only worsen the situation.

Be Flexible

We all know that “life happens.” So, be flexible with your team when emergencies outside of work happen. Don’t punish them. Instead, offer ways to help. Maybe offer flexible hours and partial work from home, especially if it will help with the team member to be productive.

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Social Activities

There’s more to life than work, and even introverts need to socialize. When planning social nights, don’t be rigid and don’t make it mandatory. If you decide to go to a barcade, let them eat, drink, and play. Don’t make them sit down and listen to motivational speeches. There’s a different venue for that.

Acknowledge Employees

Let your team know that you see and hear them. Financial bonuses are excellent, but sometimes a simple acknowledgment of their contribution does great things for your company. Acknowledge their work performance, loyalty, and awesomeness.


Don’t play the blame game when something doesn’t work, instead respond by motivating your team to do better, to be better. Look for ways to help and assist employees to get back on track.

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Clear, open, and professional communication is highly recommended. If you expect your employees to be transparent, open, and honest, you should also be ready to be transparent, open, and honest. This is a great way to build your credibility and gain the trust of your employees.


In line with acknowledging them, make them feel they are more than employees. Show them that they are an indispensable part of the team. Show them they are appreciated. Make them feel they are important partners to the brand.

Develop leaders

Create pathways for staff and employees to grow. Teach them to be empathetic leaders of your company. Train them to be great motivators, communicators, and listeners who value the voices of their team members.

How do you promote a friendly culture at your diverse workspace?

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