Creative Leaders Role in Successful Influencer Marketing

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Creative Leaders Role in Successful Influencer Marketing

Sales | Apr 02, 2020

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Some may say that influencer marketing is a fairly new concept in the industry.

While it continues to grow and expand its reach, we can’t deny the obvious shift away from the traditional brand-centric content.

In many cases, we’ve seen brands engage social media influencers in creating products and content that their followers will love.

The influencers are also being involved not only in content creation but also in design and the entire creative and marketing strategy. Many creative leaders are stuck in a dilemma on whether it is a smart idea to involve influencers in the creative process or not.

But many creative leaders such as Kyla Brennan argue that brands should apply leniency when comes to their influencer marketing campaigns. Brennan argues for allowing influencers to be the creative directors of the campaigns. She sees influencers no longer as mere distributors of products. Rather Brennan sees influencers as agents and creators that deliver value to brands they partner with.

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Brands can no longer simply exploit influencers by using them just to get their followers' attention. Influencers engage in consistent conversations with their followers and can relay feedback on products or information to current trends and demands. For brands, involving an influencer whose audience is their demographic allows them to create and design better products and market them effectively they who their audience.

Whether you’re marketing agencies are stuck in this conundrum or not, it is the creative leader’s responsibility to be able to decide how much leniency they’ll give their influencers when it comes to their creativity and creative process. Creative leaders need to know when to step up and step back to adapt to the growing power of influencer marketing. Failure to adapt may end up with broken partnerships or unproductive collaborations.

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We’ve listed 4 of the most successful brand and influencer partnerships.

KFC and DrLupo Collab

Back in 2018, KFC partnered with DrLupo, a Twitch streamer who plays Fortnite and PUBG, for a special event where viewers receive a coupon code whenever DrLupo won in the game. KFC found the perfect collaboration with DrLupo because PUBG is known for the saying “Winner, winner. Chicken dinner” whenever a player wins a game. And let’s just say that DrLupo doesn’t lose a lot. Whenever DrLupo won, all his viewers needed to respond with the right emote to receive a discount code.

My Protein and Joe Wicks Partnership

Early 2019, Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, partnered with My Protein, a sports nutrition brand based in the UK, on a variety of fitness and health supplements. Joe’s rise to fame is mainly because of his positivity, catchy slogans, and his quick and easy fitness and food tips. All these fit well within the protein brand. Their campaign success is credited mainly to Joe’s personality shining through.

Missoma and Lucy Williams Project

Since 2015, travel photographer, stylist, brand consultant, and lifestyle influencer Lucy Williams has been working in partnership with London-based jewelry brand Missoma. Their partnership’s continued success is credited largely to Williams’ followers who are the target demographic of the brand. the authenticity of their partnership shows because Williams is seen sporting the Missoma pieces in all of her content, whether it’s a sponsored post or not.

SportFX and Chessie King Hyperactive Tandem

SportFX is an activewear brand whose mission statement is to power up confidence and deepens our appreciation of natural beauty. And Chessie King, a body-positive fitness creator, is the perfect tandem for SportFX. The partnership came up with a collection of activewear with pieces that fit all body types. Sizes range from 6-22.

Find out why influencers matter and how to find the right one for your brand.

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