Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Influencer
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Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Influencer

Social | Sep 03, 2019

We know what influencers are, and how important they are when it comes to marketing. Influencer marketing reels in an ROI that’s 11x higher than traditional digital marketing.

But many marketers and businesses miss the mark when it comes to collaborating with social influencers. What’s wrong? They haven’t connected with the right influencers for their brand. Finding an influencer that aligns to your brand identity is an integral part of your strategy’s success.
Here are a few helpful tips to find influencers that work well with your brand.


Social listening

Follow topics, keywords, and hashtags related to your brand. Analyze what’s hot and trending and what will work well for your influencer marketing. Once you’ve started on this, you’ll get to see potential influencers.

Follow influencers

This is a must. Following influencers lets you see through the consumers’ eyes. You'll see how they engage their followers. You'll also be able to gauge if their content and tone align with your brand voice. Get to experience your potential influencer’s reach, relevance, and authenticity.

Look at an influencer’s followers

While scrolling through an influencer’s feed, check their followers as well. Last year, a New York Times article exposed fake followers. This can throw off any analysis being conducted by your or other agencies when figuring out the balance between an influencer’s followers and their engagement.

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Always check your DMs

Forget the big-time social influencers! Focus your efforts on micro-influencers who once in a while leave brands DMs inquiring about potential partnerships. Macro-influencers are great. But if you’re looking for a better, higher ROIs, up-and-coming influencers are often more passionate brand ambassadors for you.

Beyond social media

Shares, likes, and comments are social metrics that look great, especially if the numbers look super positive. But these numbers are also malleable. Don’t get sucked into this dilemma. Focus on what matters the most to you, finding influencers that fit your brand’s voice and needs.

Focus on content creators

Don’t just find social influencers. Focus on content creators - writers, journalists, bloggers, and podcasters. They create and publish almost every single day. These influencers have unique ways of engaging their followers.

Create a budget

Like banner ads, influencers aren’t free. Draw up a spreadsheet, plan out your campaigns, figure out which influencer you’re connecting with, and how much you’re willing to spend.

What are your experiences with influencer marketing? What did or didn’t work? Comment below!

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