Decibel’s Digital Experience Score: A Customer Satisfaction Metric you need to Hear About

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Decibel’s Digital Experience Score: A Customer Satisfaction Metric you need to Hear About

Trends | Jul 25, 2018

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Decibel, the leader in digital experience intelligence innovation for enterprise businesses, has been doing quite well for themselves as of late.

They’ve expanded their senior team with two new vice presidents, were designated as a “Cool Vendor” in Gartner’s 2018 Personalization Report, and rose $9 million in Series A funding to expand their business and innovate their technology. All this success is well earned and can be traced back to some already innovative technology they released earlier this year, their Digital Experience Intelligence Platform.

Like all great technologies, this one was born from a problem: the issue of measuring customer satisfaction on digital transactions.

There’s no shortage of hard science and time-tested technique behind the art of satisfying customers, but so much of it relies on interacting with and measuring the response of the people purchasing your wares, something that’s difficult to do when they’re on the other side of a screen. While there are tools that measure how many clicks pages get and how long people spend on them, many of these are so sterile and unfocused that the data they return is only surface level. It’s always good to know which of your pages are more popular than others, but you don’t have the full story unless you know why.

Without being able to tell what features are attracting customers and which functions are irritating them, businesses can’t be certain on how they can improve. Not all can afford to play trial and error with their interfaces, as working backwards to figure out what is working and how to apply it across the board can result in accidentally disrupting beneficial systems while missing resolvable problems that will continue to hold them back.

With so much competition in the market, even one bad experience can sour your website in the eyes of a customer, losing their business forever as they go elsewhere to meet their needs.

ULS Decibel

That’s where Decibel comes in.

Their Digital Experience Intelligence Platform uses carefully crafted algorithms in conjunction with thorough statistical analysis to turn what was once guesswork into a precise science. By collecting data on factors ranging from mouse movements to scroll engagement, Decibel can actually quantify a customer’s state of mind on a session by session and page by page scale, all calculated in an easy to understand Digital Experience Score, or DXS.

The DXS is broken down into five main pillars, namely navigation, engagement, frustration, technical, and form experience. Each pillar is itself composed of a wide range of statistics, all unique to their field but tied to the success of the others. Things like unresponsive buttons, frequent reloading or back and forth scrolling of pages, difficult to fill out forms, and things like that can all have a negative effect on a customer’s interactions with your website. Thankfully, they can now all be identified in a single report.

The DXS break down of performance is so in-depth, it even displays the data in terms of individual sessions and individual pages, not to mention based on the kind of device the site is viewed on, as well as all data as a whole. The precision of the measurement cannot be understated or underestimated, which is what makes being able to identify even the smallest issue sin engagement like this such a revolutionary development.

Decibel has truly outdone themselves with this technology, and now businesses like Gucci, General Motors, and Allstate are able to outdo themselves as well, measuring their own DXS and using it to take their websites to the next level.

The same could be said for you and your business, of course, knowing what needs to be fixed and knowing how to fix it are two very different things. USA Link System has proudly assisted our clients in optimizing their webpages for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction, as well as developing campaigns for their businesses to explore and planning out the strategies needed to make it happen.

We’re eager to see how much more intuitive online transactions will become thanks to this sort of technology, and we’re available to help companies build this better future together.

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