Personalization is Key to Modern-Day Marketing

Personalization is Key to Modern-Day Marketing

Brand | Aug 01, 2018

We’ve been hearing about the importance of personalization in the world of marketing. It’s at the top of every marketing experts’ list. But what does personalization really mean? Personalization when it comes to marketing allows consumers to standout in a sea of usernames, passwords, and mass marketing.

In a highly digitized world, consumers are flooded continually by businesses selling their products or services.

It’s time that marketers go beyond the basics of personalized marketing and start using data intelligently to generate unique and relatable experiences.

Marketers need to provide a new online experience geared towards what their targeted audience likes and are passionate about. USA Link System is here to give you an insight and effective tips to personalize your marketing strategies and campaigns.


Utilize Data Effectively

Marketers compile and gather data to develop stronger marketing strategies. In one study conducted by Pure360, 8% of respondents have said if brands “addressed them by their first name.” The same research shows that 7% of consumers “would be likely to engage with a birthday email.”

Data like these are important when implementing effective personalization. Instead of sending general email blasts, marketers can tailor their email not only by using their consumer’s first name but also know their special day and recommending products they’ll love.

Always Stay Relevant

For personalized marketing to be successful, it needs to focus on educating and informing consumers on topics, items, or products that are important to them. So, while it is good sending emails to clients using their first name, it is not enough. As marketers, it is your responsibility to research and understand your clients’ demographic to better tailor their marketing campaigns.

Make Them Feel Special

After personalizing your digital marketing, make sure your customer service matches it! Many consumers are tired of hearing automated phone calls or customer service agents that read off a manual. Make sure to personalize all phone calls to give your messages credibility.  

Drives Profits Higher

Personalized marketing boosts profits by making consumers regular buyers. Smart personalized marketing drives consumers to act on impulses. In a research conducted by Segment, it said that “44% of consumers say that they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience with a particular company.”

USA Link System's team of experts provides all the necessary tools and help your brand needs. Whether your brand needs a personalized marketing campaign, social media assistance, web or app development, or a combination of these services, trust that their team will deliver and provide projects or campaigns with measurable results.

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