Digital Disruption: How to Revolutionize Your Brand

Digital Disruption: How to Revolutionize Your Brand

We’ve all seen it unfurl right in front of us. Digital technology has reinvigorated businesses and how it interacts with customers. On-demand mobile apps like Lyft, Airbnb, or Grubhub are new-ish businesses who have reshaped the way we go about our daily lives.

These businesses have shaken up established industries we have been dependent on for decades. For the longest time, we’ve been hailing taxicabs and booking hotel rooms or ordering dinner using our landlines. Digital technology has created a more efficient and effective means of relaying content and services with its users. On-demand apps have provided consumers a convenience we all want and need which has increased the value of companies that are disrupting the status quo.

But how did these companies evolve to who they are today? Here are some tips to consider when your business is ready to join the ranks of digital disruptors.

The power of sharing

Track how customers refer, use, or share your app, products, or services to their network. While it’s a good idea to know how many downloads you’ve had in the last few months, research shows that businesses should focus on how their customers like their product, how often they use it, and how many customers still use it.

Be passionate about your customers

When it comes to business decisions, always think about what is best for your customers. Engage your clientele by ensuring all their needs are met and prioritized. To be a great digital disruptor, small businesses must focus on their strength – focusing on customers. They want to be greeted with a smile and human assistance, not automated responses. Your company should reflect a service-oriented model that revolves around human interaction.

Integrated collaboration

The integration of UX design and digital marketing strategies works better with smaller creative teams because communication is more fluid and less complicated. It will be easier to figure how many steps it takes to checkout a product and what CTA works best for a campaign.

Following these three tips can provide a better foundation for companies looking to better serve their customers by shaking up how they approach work.

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