Mobile Marketing Strategies for Smartphone Web Surfing Generation

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Smartphone Web Surfing Generation

Trends | Mar 03, 2019

Smartphone web surfing is officially trending, and we’re all guilty.

Whether it’s Android or iOS, our smartphones are the handiest and always available device.

We use them as alarm clocks in the morning, and possibly check our social media for a few minutes before getting out of bed. A Smart Insights study tells us that while smartphone usage varies, its usage peaks early in the morning and early to late in the evening.

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On a similar note, Simmons Research and AdAge Marketing Fact Pact 2019 indicate that adult consumers’ web surfing peak at 9PM. As marketers and small business owners, what we know is what we can see. The numbers don’t lie, and there’s an opportunity to seize!

Now that you know when most consumers are on their smartphones, you have a better idea and understanding of how you can approach your campaigns to reach your targeted audience. If you haven’t guessed yet, mobile is the way to go when it comes to engaging your consumers.

Here are simple, helpful ideas for your current or future campaigns.

  • When planning your campaign between 8PM-11PM, think of your demographics. Adults between 18-34 tend to watch TV and be on their mobile devices a little later 10PM and up, while adults 35 and older would typically be between 8PM-10PM.
  • While it’s not as lucrative as primetime hours, you can also capitalize on capturing the early bird crowd between 7AM-9AM.
  • Capitalize on consumers’ micro-moments.
  • Engage consumers using ephemeral marketing strategies. Use your Facebook or Instagram stories and create a sense of urgency on your campaigns.
  • Mobile banner ads should focus on engaging images.
  • Create accessible CTAs that don’t require too many steps.
  • Target your email marketing campaigns between 7AM-9AM and 8PM-11PM.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to developing a strategy to improve your mobile marketing strategies to reach a wider audience. Mobile ads come in different shapes and sizes. Creativity and strategy play a major factor in successful campaigns. Hire a digital marketing team that will weave together a multi-channel marketing strategy to help you connect, engage, and interact with your target audience.

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