Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Trends | Dec 19, 2018

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Our days and nights are now defined by the amount of time we spend on our electronic devices.

From the moment our alarm goes off in the morning, we instantly check all our social media notifications. We entertain ourselves with funny videos and check our emails throughout the day. It doesn’t stop here!

Now we have Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google that respond to our voice commands. We can order our breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a just a few taps of a button. We can also play our favorite “mixtape” to add color to our everyday errands.

These are all cool and amazing advancements, but as digital marketers, we see this as an opportunity for us and our clients to improve how we can reach out to consumers. We all believe the product we create or the service we provide is developed for the greater good of mankind.

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Here’s our shortlist of top digital marketing trends for 2019.

Voice Search

By the year 2020, 30% of our web searching will be done by voice. And with the rise of smart speakers and assistants like Siri and Alexa, many of us have incorporated them into our daily lives. What this means for marketers is an opportunity. While it has been said that more than 60% of marketers will not devise a voice strategy, it is a new arena to tap into when it comes to reaching out to their targeted audiences.

Video Marketing

Whether it’s live or traditional video, 2019 is the year for video marketing. We have seen the rise of video ads on Facebook and Instagram. It’s quick, direct, and very interactive. Sometimes simply taking a video of what’s happening in your store using your smartphone would suffice. But if you’re conscious about the quality, consider hiring a digital marketing team to develop video content for your brand.

Content Remains Key to Success

With all these technological advancements unfolding right in front of our eyes, it’s important to know that good quality content is still part of the main ingredient of a successful campaign. Aside from advertisements, consumers need to see reputable content. In a 2017study, 85% of marketers believe their campaigns worked because of good content.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms have rocked the boat of how we reach out to our consumers. Social media ads, unlike traditional ads such as pop-up blockers, are strategies that do not disrupt users’ browsing experience. And with a global reach of approximately 3 billion users, social media is a great platform to use to penetrate new markets and reach out to more consumers.


Your logo and traditional ads are no longer enough to sell your products. Consumers these days value a company’s culture. How they treat their employees and consumers. They put their trust on people, not the company logo or brand. Aside from being transparent about how employees are treated at work, incorporate user-generated content on your social media platform by sharing fellow consumers’ own experience using your products or services.

Internet vs Television

The rise of Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube have galvanized the rise of Internet use over cable TV. In 2019, research shows that people will spend 2.6 hours per day online, while 2.7 hours watching TV. As marketers and business owners, investing time and money on online and mobile ads will definitely be beneficial for your brand’s growth.

Digital marketing is an ever-growing, ever-changing industry that can help make or break a brand. While some trends re-shape the world we live in, many of it simply come and go. Whatever these trends may be, always stay on top of the game and ahead of your competitors!

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