The Media and Marketing Forecast in 2019 is Bright for Small Businesses

The Media and Marketing Forecast in 2019 is Bright for Small Businesses

Industry | Jan 03, 2019

The data is out, and media and marketing services forecast are in!

The Internet is projected to dominate ad spending as businesses go digital. According to Zenith’s 2019 US media and marketing-services spending forecast, Internet spending is expected to increase from $78.3B in 2018 to $87.3B in 2019. TV, newspaper, and magazine all could see a gradual decrease in media spending, while radio spending may stagnate. Simultaneously, outdoor and cinema are expected to grow from $10.5B to $10.9B.

Digital advertising is now the go-to strategy for many small to large-scale businesses. We’ve seen how big businesses have maximized the Internet by taking advantage of social media ads, banner ads, email marketing campaigns, video ads, and Pay-Per-Click.

The trick, especially for emerging businesses, is to stay updated on all the latest digital marketing trends.

Read, Read, Read!

It’s 2019! A lot of things have gone digital: newspapers, magazines, books, and brochures. Whether you prefer leafing through pages or surfing the web, reading is crucial to not get left behind when it comes to all the latest marketing trends.

Chat Over Coffee or Tea

Even though we’re talking about digital marketing, discussing all the latest marketing strategies with colleagues over coffee, tea, or cocktails helps a lot. Remember, two heads are better than one. Learn from your peers, and share some of the digital marketing strategies that have worked for you.

Bite-sized Ads

In a world where our attention spans are shorter than ever, videos that run under 10 seconds is key to engaging your viewers. Think of the ads you see on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Word-of-Mouth is back

Yes! The old school word-of-mouth marketing strategy is back, but it’s tailored to online viewers. Build relationships with social media influencers who can promote or build up your brand on their social platforms. They can be YouTube stars, Instagrammers, or bloggers with a significant number of followers.

Smartphone Marketing

With over a billion smartphone users globally, it’s a smart move to keep this trend in mind. We spend about 2.8 hours per day on our smartphones, and they are our go-to device for social media or for looking up the hippest coffee shop in town.

When all else fails and work becomes hectic, seek the help of local digital marketing companies who provide everything you need to boost your business and to stay on top of the game. Your typical digital marketing company would have marketing analysts, copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, and SEO specialists under one roof who can improve the way you interact with your consumers.

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