Down and Dirty Basics of Interactive Content Marketing

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Down and Dirty Basics of Interactive Content Marketing

Trends | Oct 18, 2021

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Gone are the days of businesses that thrive with only static content in their marketing arsenal.

To keep up with today’s attention-fleeting culture and rapidly morphing audience tastes, there’s a new type of content in town. If you guessed interactive content, you’d be right!


What is Interactive Content and Marketing?

Interactive content is any content that prompts interaction from your audience to boost engagement. Where standard content marketing is more of a one-way street, interactive content can be a two-way conversation, with active participation from both the brand and the client.

Interactive content marketing involves the use of interactive content to market a product or service. Interactive content often works much better than regular content. This is because interactive content is more engaging, encouraging consumers to consume information faster and achieving better and quicker results. Moreover, this type of content is immersive––take videos, for instance––and can be informative and entertaining at the same time.
More than 90% of consumers prefer interactive and visual content over regular content. This level of interest translates to product marketing, too. Quizzes to gauge the interest of consumers for different products are a great way to market existing products. They’re also excellent for narrowing down areas consumers show interest in, so you can create better products and marketing strategies to serve those needs.

There are other advantages of interactive content marketing too, including higher web traffic, more interest in products and services, and consequently, more sales. This effect is especially seen in B2B brands and products, with more than 45% of B2B customers stating that interactive content was their preferred type of content to consume.


Types of Interactive Content

There are tons of interactive content marketing tools and types of content. Some of the most effective and popular types are discussed below.


Polls serve much the same function as surveys. However, polls are a product of the present and are designed to provide an interactive and fun way to gather information from consumers. You can design polls with a variety of options, and enhance the visual stimulation by adding relevant images. This works especially well for Instagram content marketing.


Assessments / Quizzes

Assessments are designed to take the user or consumer to a specific end result. For example, a cosmetic website might gather information about your skin type, personal priorities, and beauty habits in a series of questions in order to provide you with targeted results that suit your needs. Assessments and quizzes can be used in almost any industry, from cosmetics to software.


Challenges / Giveaways

Challenges are a great way to grow an audience for a product or company. Whether it’s a health marketing project where the person needs to make a long-term commitment to fulfill the challenge, or a short-term challenge like asking people to post their picture with your brand product to enter a giveaway––the end goal is to gather information from the consumer and increase interaction on your page or website.


Infographics are a fun and informative way to market any type of content, anywhere. The dynamic way of presenting information through an infographic makes it easy to understand the information and interact with it, and infographics are infinitely shareable.



Calculators may not seem like a very interactive piece of content when you first hear of them. However, when interactive calculators are placed on say––a financial services website, or even websites that cater to the real estate, auto, and insurance industries––they can turn into a real asset.

For the consumer, it provides an easy and fast way to calculate how much something might cost them. For the company or service, it’s a great way to gather information about your customers. When you have all relevant data you need, you can provide more targeted products or services that fit their buyer profile.


Interactive Content is Not Going Anywhere!

Start brainstorming today on how you can begin creating more digital, interactive experiences for your audience. After all, it’s certainly not going anywhere any time soon! You might as well start learning how to use it to your advantage.

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