Trendy Halloween Marketing Ideas

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Trendy Halloween Marketing Ideas

Trends | Oct 18, 2021

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There’s no end to the creative ways you can use holidays to market your business. It just requires a little planning ahead.

Got a great Halloween marketing idea already in mind? You should probably start working on it at least two months in advance! However, if you’re out of ideas, don’t worry, we’ve got them in spades!


Why Try a Halloween Marketing Campaign?

Halloween is a great holiday to flex your business chops and garner a little extra business for yourself. It’s also a fun way to flex your creative chops, and who doesn’t love to do that?

Halloween Marketing Strategies

There are plenty of ways to market your business during the Halloween season and really, all through the month of October.


Customize Your Logo

To jump right into the Halloween shenanigans, why not change up your company logo temporarily, to let consumers know you’re celebrating properly? Big brand like Google employ this technique for all major festivals. Customize your logo with your favorite Halloween characters and color themes in mind.


Add a Spooky Theme to Your Website

Customizing your website to signal the arrival of Halloween is one of the best ways to kick off your marketing strategy for the spooky season. You can add a Halloween-themed header to your home page and customize your menu items with Halloween symbols and characters. You can switch the usual logo favicon that is displayed in the top of the browser tab to a special Halloween character, like a ghost or a haunted pumpkin.

Offer Limited Edition Products

Depending on the type of products and services your brand provides, you can offer limited editions that are designed and packaged according to the Halloween theme. Nothing makes people go crazy like the thought of some limited edition product they might miss out on. These limited edition products should be marketed beforehand to get your audience interested and eager for the product launch.


Offer Spooky Discounts and Deals

According to statistics, Halloween is a time when more than 40% of people start their holiday shopping. Any discounts and deals you offer at this time will get a lot of attention, not just for Halloween shoppers, but by early holiday shoppers as well. Use tag lines like ‘50% Off, No Trick, Just a Treat’, along with Halloween-themed discount codes. You can also use email as a way to send spooky discount offers and sale announcements.


Create a Halloween Photo Contest

Halloween contests were a common occurrence in the past. It’s a trend that needs to be brought back into the mainstream again, but with a modern twist. Start a Halloween photo contest, announcing a unique gift, rewards, coupons, or a giveaway for the winner and two runner ups.

This will increase engagement on your social media pages and bring attention to your brand. However, to make sure your contest doesn’t get lost in the crowd, use paid ads and post boosting services on Facebook and Instagram to get extra eyes on your offer. This marketing strategy can be especially beneficial for clothing brands that sell Halloween costumes, cosmetic brands with products being used to create Halloween makeup looks, etc.

Customize Your Social Media Pages

Following the same logic of customizing your website and logo for Halloween, you should also customize your social media pages. Update your logo and headers, same as with your website. Caption any pictures or videos you post using Halloween emojis, spooky captions, and if possible, a Halloween color theme. Create special Halloween-themed images and videos for new product launches, sale announcements, or just to wish people a Happy Halloween.

Create a Specific Halloween Hashtag

Finally, you can make the most of your social media accounts this Halloween by creating a unique hashtag. This hashtag should be relevant to your product, service, or brand, and also incorporate Halloween keywords, like spooky, ghost, Halloween, pumpkin, and more. This will prompt people to use your hashtag if they buy a product or service from your brand, and at the same time increase your exposure if your post shows up with trending hashtags.


Halloween Marketing Should Be Fun!

Remember that all forays into creating Halloween marketing campaigns should be fun and in keeping with the spirit of the holiday. Yes, it’s nice to make a few extra sales, but it’s even nicer to build a strong rapport with your customers. That rapport is what creates longevity for your business.

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