eCommerce is Evolving to Better Serve You

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eCommerce is Evolving to Better Serve You

Trends | Aug 01, 2018

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Ecommerce has transcended its longstanding definition of any or all of transactions conducted on the Internet. In one way or another, we’ve all benefitted from ecommerce. Whether it’s finding a rare basketball jersey or the latest makeup palette, many of us used the Internet to purchase items. We have bought or sold items on eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and even Craigslist.

But eCommerce progress doesn’t just stop here. In fact, it’s evolving every single time there is technological movement such as SEO, social media, and the growing influence of mobile.

USA Link System is here to help shed light on 5 key elements that are sparking the ecommerce revolution.


Improved chatbots

According to an Econsultancy article, consumers are ditching phone calls or emails to the more efficient text messages, live chat, and even messaging apps. Many ecommerce companies have responded positively by incorporating chatbots.

With an ever-advancing technology, chatbots offer programmed responses to many simple questions by consumers. We’re at a point in time that chatbots are able to answer a wide array of questions. A 2017 Ubisend research suggests that “35% of consumers explicitly want more chatbots. Of them, 69% like chatbots because they are capable of providing information instantaneously.” Rather than wait on the line for a simple question or an email reply, consumers are leaning towards companies who can instantly answer their pressing questions.

The bonus to this technology is that chatbots are integrated within platforms an ecommerce brand uses. They do not have to require their consumers to download extra, unnecessary apps on their devices.

Emerging global markets

In a study conducted by the World Trade Organization, it is “estimated that international trade will continue to grow by 4.4% in 2018.” This offers a massive opportunity for many ecommerce companies because new markets are opening up for business and trade.

As stated in an Econsultancy article, “over half of urban Chinese citizens have ordered overseas yearly, with 89% of them having bought from American retailers.” The reason? Consumers want to buy original, high-quality products.

With more global consumers who are willing to spend money on products they love, ecommerce companies must take note and take advantage of this opportunity of widening and expanding their market. TIP: Investing payment security and language internationalization, as suggested by Econsultancy.  

Marketplace sellers expanding

Even though Amazon is an ecommerce giant, they are not the only third-party seller out there. Established marketplaces such as Target and Walmart are challenging Amazon’s hold on the world of eCommerce. As eCommerce opportunities grow, Amazon sellers are also expanding their markets to other third-party sellers.

At the same time, successful Amazon sellers are starting to earn a profit on their own platforms. In fact, eCommerceFuel’s study shows that “70% of sellers were earning the majority of their revenue from their own storefronts.”

eCommerce search engines

A key suggestion from Econsultancy on how ecommerce companies should improve their websites is to “think of themselves as search engines.” While it is always a great idea to strengthen your website by incorporating keywords and link building and owning a responsive site, consumers would love it if an ecommerce site has improved search capabilities. This includes a search engine that knows and understands a consumer’s natural language, instead of just keywords.

Consumers expect an easier, yet multi-faceted search experience. eCommerce platforms need to be smart enough to categorize search results by importance and to filter relevant information that their consumers need.

Voice commerce

With a growing percentage of people using Amazon Echo or Google Home, the more ecommerce companies must focus on voice commerce. Owners of these home devices have ordered groceries and other their daily necessities. Some have even used their smart speakers to add items to their shopping carts for future purchase.

eCommerce companies must adapt to their consumers' ever-changing demands and needs. In a study conducted by Gartner, 30% of web browsing will be conducted without a screen. Sellers must prepare to dive into a world of commerce centered around voice commands.

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