Effective Roofing Ads - An SME Guide to Elevating Your Brand

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Effective Roofing Ads - An SME Guide to Elevating Your Brand

Industry | Mar 05, 2022

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The roofing industry continues to grow year over year. Is your advertising strategy helping you cash in on the increasing demand for your roofing services? Roofing ads are an easy step for expanding your brand reach.

It’s easy to forget about your roof until it starts to leak or fall apart. Don’t let the same be said about your roofing advertisement strategy for your contracting company. Any building could technically be viewed as a potential client, but investing in roofing services usually takes time to develop. Create a roofing advertisement strategy to ensure your brand breaks away from the other 100,000+ roofing companies in the US.


PPC Helps Nail Down Customer Needs

If you’re still working to gather data on your ideal audience, to save money on Google ads for roofing or Facebook ads for roofing, try PPC ads. These Pay-Per-Click ads only charge you if a viewer interacts with the ad, and you can measure those interactions to determine what content means the most to prospective roof customers. Creating a good first impression and maintaining that connection through ad placement will be key to keeping your brand in the minds of on-the-fence buyers. Think of PPC ads as the shingles of your roof; they are the part people see most often and remember.

What Makes an Ad Effective?

Effective roofing advertisement starts with deciding what is most important for your brand. What are you hoping audiences will do when they see your ad? You can optimize your ad for impressions, clicks, or acquisitions. Each of those options gives you different results (brand awareness, traffic, and sales, respectively).

For Brand Awareness - A Strong, Clear Logo

When designing a roofing ad, keep the color palate and design centered around your brand colors, logo elements, and other branding materials. Build your ad as a clean, clear representation of your company. Having a logo that succinctly shares your brand’s values and vision helps intrigue viewers and make them remember you.


For Traffic-A Catchy and Captivating CTA

Once you’ve got their eye on your ad, calling visitors to interact with the ad is the best way to gain traction with them and bring them even more deeply into the sales funnel. This call is your Call To Action (CTA). Use engaging verbs and encourage viewers to learn, read, or see more about your ad, and be sure that the link where audiences end up keeps them engaged and interested.


For Sales-A Unique and Engaging Offer

Another element of your roofing ad that will entice viewers is an irresistible offer. While this is better used later in the funnel when trust has built up with potential customers, sometimes superior craftsmanship at an amazing price or capitalizing on a seasonal approach can help convince holdouts to make the leap while keeping you ahead of the competition.

Use SEO to Seal Any Leaks

Usually if someone is searching for roofing services, they are in dire need of a repair or solution or they might be looking to update their roof with a more eco-friendly or cost-effective solution. To be the name audiences think of first, make sure your brand ranks high in search engine results pages. 68% of online experiences start with a search engine, so a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy will serve as the ultimate organic traffic magnet ideal for roofing advertisement without placing ads. Think of SEO as the rafters of your brand awareness strategy because it can be boosted with things like keywords, consistently relevant content, and more elements that build out the entire marketing plan. Combine this tactic with Google ads for roofing, and your brand will be the obvious choice.

Get Social to Bring Customers Under Your Roof

Social media is an unstoppable marketing powerhouse! 54% of customers use social media to research brands and products before making a purchase. If your brand doesn’t have a presence, customers will find one that does for their needs. Interpersonal connection is more powerful than ever in this tech-heavy world. Use that to your advantage by offering informative and interesting content on a consistent basis and by interacting with visitors to encourage them to buy. Think of social media as your chimney. While it may seem unrelated to roofing, the chimney is more than a nice to have focal point; it also serves as a hub where people can gather within the home for deeper connections and build positive, heart-warming memories.

Showcase Your Alternative Materials With Alternative Marketing Tactics

For customers looking for eco-friendly updates to their roofing, make your roofing advertisement strategy match with off-beat ideas. While advertising for your roofing business on social media or search engines may already seem new to you, the next upgrade to your strategy should be imbuing your roofing ads with a sense of your company’s values and standards to give viewers all the more reason to choose your brand. If you offer solar panels or eco-friendly insulation, don’t be afraid to make that a major focal point in your roofing ads.

Need Extra Support?

Marketing for any industry is definitely a full time job. If you’re still establishing your roofing business or need help refreshing your marketing plan, let USA Link System do the heavy lifting! We offer packages in social media marketing, SEO, and much more. Contact us today for your FREE consultation to see how we can elevate your roofing brand!

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