Free SEO Chrome Extensions You Must Install

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Free SEO Chrome Extensions You Must Install

SEO | Nov 28, 2021

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The best part is many of the best tools for gathering valuable information are free SEO chrome extensions. Since there are many SEO extensions to choose from, we’ve found the best ones for boosting your small business.

68% of internet excursions begin with a search engine search. Given that so much of your trackable traffic comes from search engines, using SEO extensions to gather data of how to improve your ranking could make all the difference. The higher your brand ranks, the more likely people searching for solutions will choose your brand. Don’t underestimate the power of free SEO chrome extensions, as they can take a lot of hassle out of your tracking and ranking SEO efforts!

Free SEO Chrome Extensions You Need Now

Since there are so many facets to search engine optimization, the most important thing to consider before diving into this list would be your goals. Your marketing strategy needs data to be successful. Figuring out what data will serve you best at each step in your campaign will help. Thankfully, no matter what data you’re missing, there’s a free SEO Chrome extension ready to help! We’ve broken down the main info categories to help ease the search. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it can certainly get you on the right track to finding the SEO extension tools you need.

seo quake

Need Data on a Competitor’s Page? SEO quake Browser Extension

While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, to leverage similarities and differences from your competition, it can help to study their data metrics. SEOquake cleverly offers a full page breakdown of any page you visit with keywords, backlinks, domain rankings, and more info that you can use to compare with your page. By studying this data from direct competition, related industries, or really any page you visit online, you can learn a lot about what works without the hassle of trial and error. You can see how pages achieved their rankings in live time while simply visiting a site.

Need to Troubleshoot Your Own SEO?

Do you know if your site has broken links? How long does it take your page to load? Are your tags optimized for SEO? Check out this mini toolbox of tools that will get you back up and running in no time.


Broken Links?-Check My Links

Save yourself valuable time clicking through every link you can think of and still managing to forget one that a potential customer might stumble upon and let Check My Links do the heavy lifting in an easily legible format.

page load

Lagging Page Load Times?-Page Load Time

Page load times can make or break if a customer chooses your brand’s webpage to solve their problem or navigates to one that loads more quickly. It may seem insignificant, but internet users have limited attention available to search for answers. Making sure your site is able to meet their need by using the free SEO Chrome extension Page Load Time takes the headache out of if that data is holding you back.


Do You Have the Best MetaTags?-Tag Assistant

In addition to checking your metatags, this Google SEO extension gives your entire site a mini diagnostics workup of your site as an average user would view it in relation to your Google Analytics.

Wondering if Your Content is Relevant? Google Trends

Knowing what your audience is searching for is an effective key to being seen by search engine users. Some industries will benefit more than others by being trend-focused, but every industry and brand can benefit from seeing the data of target areas and generally to help get in the mindset of customers. While Google can seem daunting and like a tricky puzzle to solve as far as ranking, it also has an entire suite of tools and services, all grouped by your level of expertise with accompanying educational material to help you get the SEO Chrome extensions you need.


Is Your Social Media Helping Your SEO? BuzzSumo

Believe it or not, SEO and social media do share a connection. If audiences on social want to do their own research about your product, service, or brand, they will likely check on your company via a search engine. In addition, see what content is shared and how often to get a sense of what posts you create are generating the best responses. BuzzSumo is a free SEO Chrome extension that will help you bridge the gap between your social media analytics and your SEO.


Need keywords?-Keywords Everywhere

Last, but most certainly not least, keywords are a major backbone of SEO rankings. If everything else about your website is in good working order but you still aren’t hitting your goals, your keywords might be to blame! Use a free SEO Chrome extension like Keywords Everywhere that has millions of users to find what words would best represent your business to search engines and make your content most relevant to searchers.

You’ve Got the Tools. What Will You Build?

SEO browser extensions are only the beginning of your SEO journey! These tools will help streamline your workflow and focus on creating amazing products and services for your customers. Keeping an eye on all of this data, however, can be quite the hassle! If you need extra marketing help, don’t worry! The experts here at ULS have got your covered! Reach out today for a free consultation to see how we can help you maximize your free SEO Chrome extensions and boost your brand presence online!

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