Gamification: Engage and Retain Your Customers

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Gamification: Engage and Retain Your Customers

Sales | Oct 27, 2021

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In the era of digital marketing and technology, gamification is fast becoming a preferred way to engage and retain customers.

Today you’ll find gamification in email marketing, gamification in content marketing, and a myriad of other ways creatives are coming up with to create a gamified customer experience. Why? Because it works!


Introduction to Gamification: What Is It?

In simple terms, features of gamification include the use and incorporation of gaming elements in non-gaming activities, such as business intranet to increase engagement and interaction, on websites, in online communities, or in learning management systems.

It’s essentially a set of processes to solve problems using game principles like competition, point scoring, etc. Gamification is typically in the creation of online content and product marketing materials designed to boost engagement and sales.

Gamification has been used in the education sector, to entertain the masses, and in a variety of other industries by well-known brands, to increase engagement with their content. The goal is to connect with consumers, partners, and employees in order to create better products and services. This occurs through collaborations, the sharing of ideas, and interactive brainstorming, with the end result influencing sales.

Gamification not only boosts engagement on the marketed content, but also gains insightful data about the consumers, given willingly by the users. This data can be useful in designing future marketing campaigns to boost the business even more. Moreover, gamification also increases workplace engagement between team members, boosting productivity.


How Does it Work?

Gamification provides an audience with directives to create challenges and spark competition, reinforcing it with feedback through game mechanics and dynamics, all to reach an objective and business goals. Ideally, a gamification experience engages the users’ emotions to ensure they are participating actively in the activity and reaching the goals of both the consumer and the business at the same time.

Game Mechanics

Game mechanics refers to the rules of game play, as well as the achievements and rewards, often displayed on a digital platform. Game mechanics provides a way for users to engage and keep track of their score points and achievements, as well as take the next step in their journey.

Game Dynamics

Game dynamics, however, refers to the behavior and emotions in the game mechanics that prompt a user to engage. This is designed to increase engagement and keep participants motivated, by keeping their emotions involved. Game dynamics create challenges and competitions between the participants, as well as foster collaborations for users to rise up and unlock new missions and achievements.


Gamification: How To Use It Well

While you can find a lot of options on what constitutes using gamification successfully, there are a few key things that absolutely must be a part of your gamification experience for it to return the best results.

Enhanced Content Quality

To integrate gamification into your business model, the first thing you need is quality content. If your content is of poor quality, i.e., not well designed and well presented, gamification won’t do much to increase your engagement levels. However, when it’s applied to a well-designed model, the results can mean double the engagement and double the success.


Know When to Market

Another big factor in using gamification successfully is to assess the market to figure out the right audience, area, time, and method of gamifying your website or applications. If market demand is in one product or service category, and you are spending all your time and effort into gamifying your site for another category, your efforts will be wasted.

Develop a Timeline

As mentioned, you need to figure out the right time to market and launch a gamified product and/or service. Timing is key!


Measure Results

Be sure to set clear business goals and objectives that you expect to reach as a result of your gamification endeavors, and stick to them. Measure and gauge your results to identify any weak areas, whether it’s low-level successes or downright failures. This information will give you a starting point in knowing what needs improvement.


Is Gamification Right for Your Brand and Business?

While it can offer many benefits, including lead generation, increasing engagement, and helping you retain customers, the reality is gamification is not for the faint of heart! It takes guts to step out on a creative limb and venture into unknown waters. Only you can decide if the benefits outweigh the risks!

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