How Customer Location Data Can Upgrade Your Small Business Marketing

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How Customer Location Data Can Upgrade Your Small Business Marketing

SEO | Jul 08, 2022

It’s time to level up your marketing efforts, and one of the ways you can do that is by using a location-based marketing strategy, otherwise known as geolocation marketing. Sound complicated? It’s actually not, once you understand it a little better.

What is Location Marketing?

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Location marketing is a marketing technique that allows brands to send targeted ads to customers based on their location. There are multiple types of location marketing, including:

  • Geo-targeting – geo-targeting traces your IP address and matches it to the country to determine where you are located. Using geo-targeting allows brands to send you personalized ads relevant to your location; for example, winter necessities when it’s cold or the 411 on local events.
  • Geo-fencing – with geo-fencing, a brand creates an artificial boundary around a specific area, with the help of GPS. Once any user enters that fenced area, they automatically become included in the target audience. While the ads might not be personalized, geo-fencing allows the brand to cover a large area with good results.
  • Beaconing – beaconing uses connected devices to target existing customers. Since the devices must be connected to either Wifi or Bluetooth, the area is limited. It allows for direct communication with the user. Beaconing is ideal for building up a user profile as it provides a lot of information about customer behavior.

When a person allows apps and companies access to their location, this data is stored and used by the company to boost sales. For many small businesses, this can mean the difference between success and failure.

How to Boost SEO in Local Searches

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Local searches are any searches that are relevant or confined to one specific location. For example, if a user searches for ‘bakery near me’, the search result would display results that take into account their current location. Or if a user searches for ‘best restaurant in New York’, the search results would be specific to the New York area.

Local SEO works just like regular SEO but tries to boost visibility specifically for local search results. Local SEO is essential and important for companies and brands that want to boost foot traffic to their actual physical location.

Moreover, it can build credibility for a local brand; the more people see and visit a brand, the more real and relevant it becomes. Word of mouth really gets around!

To boost SEO in local searches, you need to work on your GMB (Google My Business) rating. GMB is a free tool provided by Google to create a business listing for your brand.

Why Create a Location Marketing Strategy?

Well, as you can see location-based marketing plays an important role for companies to be found in-person, especially if they’re in a tourist spot. For example, a person visiting a place for the first time, whether for business or pleasure, may be unfamiliar with local businesses. 

The first thing most of us do is take to the internet to search for local restaurants, attractions, and other businesses in the area. The only way for those places to be found is by creating a solid location-based ad and marketing strategy. 

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