How Machine Learning Can Upgrade Your Digital Marketing

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How Machine Learning Can Upgrade Your Digital Marketing

Trends | Dec 14, 2022

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Any good digital marketer knows that the industry is not about guessing or intuition. You don’t decide what information and wording to use on a website based on a gut feeling. When you choose which pop-up ads and push notifications to use, you aren’t making decisions based on instinct. That’s because cold, hard data is a digital marketer’s best friend. Decisions backed up with data naturally perform better than those that don’t because marketers are relying on real facts and information rather than feelings. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are two of the best ways to gather data as a marketer. Let’s learn about machine learning marketing!

AI vs. Machine Learning: What’s the Difference?

Artificial intelligence is a type of computer software that is capable of problem-solving and mimicking human decision-making. You have probably interacted with an AI before. If you’ve ever typed a question into a chatbot on a website, for instance, you were speaking with an AI trained to offer solutions to your problems or connect you with a human being.

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence method. It is focused not on providing solutions but instead teaching systems to “apply solutions,” according to OWOX. For instance, an AI using machine learning might teach itself to sort data into categories after recognizing specific patterns.

Why is Machine Learning Helpful in Marketing?

As we mentioned before, data is important to digital marketers. Behavioral data from your target audience, for instance, will be helpful when developing your campaigns or updating your website. But how do you get this data and sort it to make marketing predictions quickly? That’s where machine learning comes in. Your AI can crawl your site to study and analyze how users are interacting with it. Then it will create and sort data based on your users’ behavior.

AIs can predict how your target audience will react to certain content, what they respond to, what they do not like, which products appeal to them when they are likely to buy products, and much more. You then have all of this information at your fingertips when planning sales, creating new products, and developing marketing campaigns.


Pros of Machine Learning

As with anything, machine learning in marketing has pros and cons. Here are the pros of machine learning:

AIs Spot Trends and Patterns Quickly

While a human would take days, months, or years to compile and sort through mountains of data, an AI can sift through large amounts of information within minutes and hours. This technology is also more adept at spotting trends and patterns than human beings, many of which are not obvious. That means you’re likely to get more detailed information from an AI.

Machine Learning Continuously Improves

AIs, like people, can get better at what they do as they gain more experience and knowledge. The more you use your AI, the more it will improve.

Machine Learning Can Work On Its Own

You don’t have to monitor your AI or do anything to keep it combing through data. Machine learning can be automated, meaning you can focus on other tasks while a computer program does work by itself. Once it learns enough, you can rely on your AI to sort data accurately without human interference.


Cons of Machine Learning

Okay, we’ve covered the good stuff. Now it’s time for the negatives.

AIs are Prone to Errors

Computers often encounter errors. One tiny mistake in the system results in batches of flawed data, and if you aren’t careful, you might rely on false information for your marketing scheme. There is no known way to prevent errors from occurring, so your developers will have to keep a close eye on things when your AI first starts working.

Machine Learning Requires a Lot of Time and Money

As we mentioned before, machine learning doesn’t perfect itself overnight. You’ll have to keep running it and working out errors before you can use it for marketing data. Additionally, machine learning technology is expensive. For high-end programs, you might pay up to $60,000. You need to work out a budget ahead of time to make sure you can afford machine learning as part of your marketing scheme.

Consult Our Experts on Machine Learning Marketing Today!

Machine learning is a complicated and intricate part of marketing, and it’s not easy to implement on your own. If you want to know more about machine learning and whether it’s right for you, our experts are here to help. Contact USA Link System today for a consultation!

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