How to Make the Most of Your Crawler Listing

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How to Make the Most of Your Crawler Listing

SEO | Feb 15, 2023

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While spider-like in digital function and named for how these bots comb and scope out the World Wide Web, web crawlers don’t have to be creepy! In fact, like it or not, if your brand has any online presence already, chances are you also already have a crawler listing. Web crawlers automatically generate pages Maximizing your SEO requires keeping tabs on the list of web crawlers and list of crawler-based search engines, so you’re making the most of your SEO to build organic audience reach and brand awareness! Plus, learn all about how USA Link System’s BPO SEO services can level you up with these bots better than ever!

What Even IS a Web Crawler?

Did you know there isn’t one, central index or guide to all the pages created on the internet? So how do search engines know what pages exist, let alone which ones to show searchers?

Google is the likely best-known and top of a search engine list of crawlers, but any search engine sending bots to “crawl” or visit websites makes the cut!

Where to Find a List of Crawlers

Some bots are easy to recognize because they’re named after the search engines hosting them: Google Bot belongs to Google, BingBot belongs to Microsoft/Bing, but even eCommerce hub Amazon has Amazon Bot. It’s important to note that any search engine needing to quickly index and produce information to prepare a page of results for searchers likely has a bot of its own or uses commercial or open-source bots.

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How to Improve Indexability and Make Your Site Crawl-able

SEO tactics all center around boosting search engine result rankings, but how? Experts know each tactic works to impress the list of web crawlers accessing and assessing pages online. While you can’t petition these bots directly for attention or recognition, there are plenty of steps that make your page more appealing, trustworthy, and relevant among each crawler’s options to present to searchers, i.e. your audience!

Speed Up Page Loading Times

If page load times taking longer than 3 seconds negatively impact customer opinions of your brand, imagine what a bot will think as it tries to work through heavy graphics, rendering format structures, and other clunky elements. It would impair the bot’s ability to read your content and relay it to the right audiences effectively. Design with your potential crawler listing in mind for the best results!

Study Your Site Structure

How your website is structured is more than the scaffolding holding together your content; website structure also serves as an outline or map for customers and crawlers alike to see what you want them to know about your brand. If you don’t build out your site with a clear layout of how to navigate, everyone will end up lost, and you’ll have a higher potential error page rate as pages on your sitemap will become harder to access since there isn’t a path paved for viewers.

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Double Check for Duplicate Content

Not only would seeing the same thing twice frustrate a human being, it also confuses bots built to discover and evaluate relevant content. Which page would matter more if there are identical copies? How valuable can that content be if there are multiples of it?

By the same token, if your copy isn’t distinct and rich with information or if every page is full of vaguely similar data, the urgency and interest of bots and human beings alike are at risk.

What Should You Do Next?

If this article has you wondering about your own site’s indexability, don’t worry! The team here at USA Link System can run an SEO audit to help you find the above-listed potential problems and more nuanced crawler listing hit points, so you can rest assured your website is in tip-top shape! Reach out today for your free consultation!

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