Cloud Migration Services Your Brand Needs

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Cloud Migration Services Your Brand Needs

Trends | Feb 16, 2023

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Usually, having your head in the clouds has a negative connotation, but these days, making the move to cloud storage for files, data, media, and other valuable assets frees up valuable hard drive space and makes remote access a breeze!

What Is Cloud Migration?

Even though many IT and other technical terms can seem complicated, cloud migration is simply migrating, or moving, data and processes from outdated (also known as legacy) systems or from centralized, in-office infrastructure to web-based software to house all of your critical functions.

Is Cloud Migration Right for My Brand?

If you’re looking for streamlined and upgraded business process capabilities, cloud migration is an excellent way to open up new possibilities for your business. However, though the process may sound simple enough, just like moving offices or homes, having a plan, or even just letting experts handle all the heavy lifting, can make a huge difference, especially when you’re already busy with other essential job functions!

Ways to Approach Cloud Data Migration

The three basic steps to consider before beginning your move can set the tone for success.

  • Research which processes and items should move.
  • Plan out what moves when and where.
  • Migrate!

With so many moving parts wrapped up in how your business operates, however, even following these simple steps can be tricky!

Setting Expectations

When you work with a skilled outsourcing company like USA Link System for your strategy, you can relax knowing each part of your plan is carefully thought out and supported every step of the way. Some of the moves will take coding solutions and additional dev support. Just like when you move to a new place and are missing key essentials you could have sworn you already had, you don’t want to be caught mid-move and need additional support!

What Will Your Move Look Like?

Did you know there are multiple types of ways to describe your move? Each one can offer more insights as you plan, and while our experts can happily walk you through which one fits your industry and niche best, here’s a quick primer.


Rehosting essentially means rebuilding your current layout and structure on cloud servers instead of internally housed ones. This method is the simplest transfer that would cause the least amount of commotion for a team or business, as everything is being moved to an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) setup.


A refactor migration is a heavy-duty shift that, yes, can reuse some existing code and framework elements to ease the transition, but applications will run on a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) instead, which is what makes it different from rehosting. This is great for a full-scale shift, tackling all of your processes and upgrading them to modern, industry-standard practices. Extra coding may be a factor for handling legacy (prior system) elements you want to keep.

Replatform (Or Replace)

If you’re looking to use this move as a way to trim excess steps, programs, or services, consider replatforming! With this method, there may be the most initial investment and change, but you’ll have the most up-to-date and upgradeable options going forward!

two young technicians using a digital tablet while working in a server room

Benefits Your Brand Gets by Outsourcing Cloud Migration to ULS

Why would a company want or need to make this big of a change? If it isn’t broken, why fix it? Well, there are plenty of reasons to move to cloud-based operations.

1. Save time and money.

Whether you’re looking to offload server management, speed up load times, add in remote-friendly structures, or gain extra space, trusting our experts means you can save valuable time and get the most effective option for your brand. You get to leverage our experience and avoid the trial and error of trying out different platforms and skip the extra research needed to choose the right components.

2. Get a fool-proof plan.

While you’re busy saving time and money, our experts are dedicated to offering data-backed solutions at all times, be it for marketing, SEO, or your IT infrastructure. We take pride in crafting creative solutions that are results-oriented, so you can know our plan for your move is uniquely crafted to meet and exceed expectations.

3. Ensure your data is secure.

One of the main concerns when moving things to the cloud is data leaks or becoming susceptible to hacks. Unfortunately, preparing for the worst is key to a strong strategy because online issues have only become more sophisticated over time. This is all the more reason to use our experts so you can let our cyber-savvy team protect and strengthen your business from start to finish.

4. Scale more easily and quickly.

Upgrading your operations to a cloud-based framework lightens the load and allows for live-time updates from everywhere (and usually from any device!). Instead of lags between ideas and implementation, you can start scaling, growing, and thriving more easily by using a more modernized, intuitive workflow.

5. Make the most of your new strategy.

Starting with cloud migration is an epic upgrade for your teams and processes, but this can also upgrade the user experience your customers have with your brand if you let USA Link System plan out every angle of your move! We prioritize digital experiences because we know what a lasting impact they can leave on your target audience from our marketing background. Choosing ULS means choosing a well-rounded approach.

Ready to Take the Plunge? Call Us!

Prepare to launch your business to new heights and far above the clouds with our cloud migration services. Contact us today for your free consultation to learn exactly how our team can help accelerate brand growth!

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