How to Write a Commercial Script that Sells

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How to Write a Commercial Script that Sells

Industry | May 17, 2022

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Writing a commercial script is a big undertaking. Commercial scripts may be short, but writing one can be a tall order. They require a lot of thought, strategy, and teamwork. Yet there’s no need to be overwhelmed by the task, as long as you follow the right process. Here are seven tips for writing a commercial script: 

Begin with a Brief 

If you start with a brief, you can make sure everyone is on the same page. If you start writing a commercial script without consulting your team, it will slow down progress and create chaos on set. Make sure everyone has a chance to hear one another’s ideas, brainstorm, and get out any complaints at the beginning. Starting with a solid plan formed by everybody prevents last-minute changes, misunderstandings, etc. 

Keep it Brief 

Commercial scripts are sold in increments of 15 seconds. A typical commercial is between 15–90 seconds, though the former is often too short and the latter too long. A good range to shoot for with a commercial is 30–60 seconds. We live in a culture of short attention spans and instant gratification, so it’s important to keep your script as succinct as possible. However, you must make judgment calls about length based on your target audience and product. 

Select Your Tone Before Writing 

The tone sets the mood for the entire commercial script. Are the dialog and music upbeat and fun, or somber and suave? To decide on a tone for your commercial script, ask these questions: 

What is the company’s brand voice? 

Who are we selling to? 

What appeals to the target audience? 

Once you know your tone, you can start writing your script.

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Get Yourself a Template 

A template saves you time when writing your commercial script and helps you organize information easily. For instance, many templates include a header to keep track of clients and draft numbers, as well as separate columns for audio and visual information. 

Pick a Theme 

Creating a theme for your commercials helps the brand you’re writing for gain recognition across many channels. When you use recurring characters, symbols, and sound effects, consumers will easily recognize your brand. Just make sure not to overdo it, or you risk coming off too cheesy. 

Have a Strong Call-to-Action 

Like any brand content, commercials need a strong CTA. Don’t forget to tell your consumers what you want them to do, whether it’s visiting a website, claiming a free trial, or buying a product. Use action words at the beginning of your CTA like purchase, download, and try. 

Practice Your Script 

It’s important to go through your script and read it out loud with your team. What reads well on paper may sound robotic or awkward once spoken. Going through a practice read helps you identify areas that need editing, saving you time on the day you actually shoot your commercial. 


The Bottom Line 

A commercial script takes a lot of time and effort, despite being short. To ensure production is smooth, you must keep your team unified, stay organized, and plan ahead. Need help writing your commercial script? No problem. Contact USA Link System today. 

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