How to Make Your Marketing Appeal to Millennials

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How to Make Your Marketing Appeal to Millennials

Trends | May 16, 2022

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You may wonder why you should bother marketing to Millennials. We’ll tell you. Millennials have now surpassed Baby Boomers and members of Generation X, making up about 25-27% of the population. That means they represent a large percentage of U.S. buyers. They are loyal to the brands they love, and they are likely to recommend their favorite products to others. If they love what you sell, they’ll hop on social media and tell the world about it: That means free and effective advertising! With all that in mind, here are ways to perfect Millennial marketing: 

Mobile-Optimize Your Website 

Millennials are tech-savvy: They often shop on smartphones or tablets. For that reason, your website needs to have a mobile-friendly design. Make sure your text is readable for all users and that images do not distort themselves when viewed from handheld devices. Additionally, ensure your site loads quickly. Keeping pages free from clutter so mobile users don’t have to scroll too much and having a clear call-to-action are also key components of Millennial marketing. 

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Leverage Social Media 

Millennials are a communicative and social generation. They enjoy reading and sharing content online, and they get most of their information through social media channels. One of the best ways to engage with Millennials on social media is by creating bite-sized content such as short, captioned videos, tutorials, and fun facts. When you create an online community around your brand in this way, you will attract Millennials. 

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Be Authentic 

Of all the generations, Millennials are probably the most serious about authenticity. 90% of Millennials consider brand authenticity when deciding who to support. If you want to attract this generation, you need to ditch cheesy ads and traditional marketing messages. They value straightforward, informative company content such as white papers, e-books, and blog posts that offer an honest perspective on brands and products. 

Showcase Your Company’s Values 

When choosing which brands to shop with, Millennials consider more than price and product benefits. They want to support companies that reflect strong values along with meeting their buying needs. Brands that promote environmental protection, animal rights, and diversity are popular among Millennials. 


Focus on User-Generated Content 

Millennials often trust their peers more than brands. They’re quick to turn to user-generated content around a product or service such as influencer reviews. For that reason, partnering with influencers and ensuring your company has a place on its website to share reviews are important. It’s also helpful to encourage Millennials to develop their own user-generated content, offering rewards such as gift cards in return for social media posts. 

Make Them Feel Like They’re Part of the Product Development Process 

Millennials like to offer opinions and collaborate on products with companies. They enjoy being co-creators and making an impact on the world. Instead of developing a product with your team and simply hoping that Millennials will buy it, just reach out to them and ask them what they want. This will help you develop a relationship with your consumers and manufacture products that have a higher chance of selling. Make consumer collaboration part of your Millennial marketing strategy. You won’t be sorry! 


Millennials are cost-conscious, but they will support brands they feel are authentic and match their values. They are loyal to their favorite brands, and they are likely to recommend products to their peers. For these reasons, it is beneficial for companies to focus on Millennial marketing. Unsure of how to market to Millennials? No problem. Contact USA Link System today and let us help you. 

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